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I woke up with the sun streaming through my window. As I lay in for a while soaking in the beautiful scene I realized today was my last day in Seoul. I quickly got up and washed up before heading down.

'Want me to grab a coffee for you?' I asked as I pass by Kim's room.

'No I'm good, you go ahead' she waved.

I grabbed my jacket and muffler as it was a little chilly outside despite the sunny weather and head down to the little caf├ę which was a block away from Kim's house.
I felt in love with this caf├ę the first day Kim took me over to have our breakfast. Nothing fancy but it was cosy and relaxing.

5 minutes and I was pushing through the glass door. As I walk in, Mr Park looked up, seeing me he waved.

'Good Morning Mr.Park' I smiled and waved back.

'The usual please'

I said before walking towards my favourite spot which was the corner of the caf├ę. I liked this particular spot as it was away from the crowd. I could just sit there, look outside and watch the world go by. It always gave me a feeling of serenity for some reason.

Like any other day, I sat down and looked out. I was lost in my own world until I heard a soft yet a very masculine voice asked.

'Is the seat taken?'
'Mind if we share?'

I looked up and met with a pair of beautiful eyes and cutest smile. He was wearing a hooded jacket but I notice the soft curl around this forehead.

'No...I meant NO, it's not taken. Please go ahead' I said hurriedly and smiled back.

'Thanks' he said as he pulled out the chair opposite to me.

Just then my order came up. 'Here you go miss, 1 cup of cappuccino, bacon and one sunny-side up'

'Thanks Lee' I smiled taking the tray from him.

Lee then turn to the stranger and asked what he wanted.

'I think I'll have the same as the lady is having' said the stranger. I look up and saw him smiling. I gave him a thumbs-up to told him it was good choice and got back to eating.

'Coming up in 5' Lee said before walking back.

'Hmmmn...Hi, my name Luhan, nice to meet you' the stranger smiled and puts out his hand.

'Hi yourself, Suri here. Nice to meet you too' I replied shaking his hand.

'You come here often?' he asked looking at me.

'Hmmn not really' I replied.
'Actually I don't stay here, I just came here for couple of days to visit my best friend. This my last day in Seoul' I told him.

'But yes, I've been coming to this caf├ę since I got here. I kind of fell in love with this little caf├ę' I laugh.

'How about you?' I asked.

'Well, this my first time. I was out for my morning run and notice this cafe yesterday. So, I came to check it out. I think I'm already liking it, its cosy and private' he said.

'Yeah, it is' I nod sipping my coffee.

We chit-chat for a bit before his order came...

As I watched him eat, I felt a strange familiarity. I frowned as I tried to place his face.

He looked up and seeing my expression, asked if there was something on his face before grabbing a napkin and rubbing his mouth with it.

'No no...' I replied quickly.

'Its just that...I don't know but somehow you look very familiar. I feel like I've seen you somewhere' I told him while I continue to intently look at his face.

He laugh and boy! he had the most attractive laugh I thought at the back of my mind.

'You might have' he said as he continue to chuckle.

"Really!!?" I asked confused and curious at the same time. By then, he was done with his breakfast.

'Well, I would have love to continue our conversation but I got to rush. Thanks again for sharing your table with me' he said.

'You know what! How about I take you for dinner as a thank you? This is your last day in Seoul right? You might as well enjoy a good dinner with me, what do you say? he asked smiling at me.

'Hmmn...Well, I don't really have any plans in the evening. So yes, I'd love to and thanks for asking me' I smiled back.
Who would refused that smile I mentally mused

'Great! Give me your number' he said passing me his phone. I type in my number and gave it back to him.

'Well then, I'll give you a call around 7 and pick you' he said as he stood up to leave.

'OK, see you later then' I replied.

As he was walking away, he turned back and called my name...

Yes! I replied looking up.

'About seeing me somewhere, you have!' he said winking before exiting the door.

I sat there watching him walk out, trying hard to remember where I might have seen him. Minutes passed but still I couldn't remember. So I got up, collect my jacket and walked to the counter. Paid the bill and head back home.

'What took you so long today?' Kim asked as I walked in and sat down beside her on the couch.

'I met this really cute guy at the caf├ę today. He had the cutest dimple ever and his smile is just heart melting' I narrated dreamily.

'Geez! Looks like someone is having a 'love-at-first-sight moment' Kim laughed and teased me.

'Yeah right' I laugh along with her.

'BTW you know what, he seems very familiar. I feel like I have seen him somewhere' I said with a confused

'Not possible, the only person you know here is me' Kim pointed.

'That's true, anyways he's taking me for dinner tonight' I told Kim.

'Ahhhh...why do I have to meet him only today. Where was he the whole time I was here?' I sighed.

'Cheer up lady! At least you met one, now you can stop creeping about not meeting anyone cute in this trip. This' quite a good bargain don't you think!' Kim said trying to console me.

'You right! I might as well make the most of it and enjoy my last night with the cutest guy I've ever met' I said happily.

'That's my girl!' Kim squealed and hugged me.

'Well, let's get moving...we have all the last minute shopping to be done, then our lunch date and of course we're going to get you the sexiest dresses for your hot date' Kim said excitingly.

'Oh please! Don't run away with your imagination. It's just dinner'

'Remember, I just got to know this guy like an hour back. Nothing hot is going to happen. It's just going to be a quite dinner and some good conversation which btw is what I want' I told her.

'OK OK...I got you but we're still getting you nice dress for the dinner. About time you let your hair down and go have some fun for a change' Kim lectured me.

'Alright alright...let's go' I said as I got off the couch and pulled Kim up.

Btw what's the name of this guy you're meeting tonight? Kim asked before we head up.

LUHAN, I replied.

Wait WHO!!!!??? Kim mouth went 'O'

I looked at her confused 'What's with you? I just said his name is Luhan'

'Omo Omo Omo...Suriiiiiiii!!!' Kim screamed as she jumps around like a retarded bunny.

'Geez, Will you stop that?' I scolded her.

'You dumb gal, of course you know LUHANnnnn' Kim screamed again.

"WHAT!!!???" I screamed shocked at the piece of information. To be honest, I panicked for a sec when Kim said I knew him.

'Wait here!' Kim said before rushing up to her room. After a minute, she came thumping down carrying a CD along.

'LOOK! This is the guy right? The one you met at the caf├ę? Kim asked.

I took the CD and looked at the guy she was pointing and my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe I actually met the guy staring back at me.

There he was sitting in the middle among 11 boys, staring right back at me in that Cute Grey Uniform.

'THAT IS HIM!!!' I screamed.

'OMG! No wonder I thought he was very familiar' I said unbelievingly.

'I cannot believe you didn't recognized him right away, shame on you!' Kim said rolling her eye.

'Well, I listen and love their songs but I never really pay attention to the boys in particular especially EXO-M. I only listen to EXO-K and know their faces' I smiled sheepishly. 'Plus, in my defence, he spoke really good Korean so I never guess, he was Chinese' I added.

'Well that's it, I not going to dinner with him' I said.

'What! Why...are you nuts?' Kim asked looking at me like I've gone mental.

'All the girls are out there are literally praying for this kind of opportunity. You'd be crazy not to go' she added

'Look as much as I love the idea and it's very flattering, it's too embarrassing now that I know who he is' I sigh.

'I don't want to be one of those fan, drooling and going ga-ga over him'

'Besides, he probably won't turn up. He just said he'd called me. He never actually gave me his number. So, he's safe' I pointed.

'I'm just happy I got to meet him even though I didn't realized then. I guess now, I can tell my grand-kids down the years, I once met the famous EXO Luhan and had coffee with him' I laughed.

Kim brighten up 'Right! That sure going to be a freaking good story to tell our grand-kids' she added laughing.

We laughed together at the thought while we head up to our rooms to get ready.

30 minutes and we were out of the house. We went crazy shopping, hopping from one shop to another. We both grab couple of pretty dresses, 2 pairs of killer heels, couple of shirts and blazers. By noon we were already tired and hungry. So, we decided to eat lunch.

In an hour we were done and moved to a spa, relaxed there for the next 2 hours and then finally got home quarter to 6. As we got in the house and slump down on the couch, my phone buzzed. I looked at the number and it was an unknown number. I forgot all about Luhan amidst all the crazy shopping. I picked up and said hello.

'Hi! Is this Suri? The voice on the other end asked.

'Yes, this is she...who is this?? I asked.

'Oh hey, it's me Luhan!' How ya doing?

I was mystified, I mouthed 'Luhan' to Kim.

"Hello!" are you still there? Luhan asked.

'Sorry...yes I am' I said nervously.

'I see, guess now you know who I am eh!?' He chuckled. Oh! that chuckled gonna be the dead of me I groan silently.

'Yeah you could say that' I replied smiling.

'So, you're still up for the dinner or are you ditching me? he joke.

'Well, I didn't really think you'd called to be honest' I told him.

'Why would you think that? I told you I called' Luhan replied.

'Well....' I couldn't come up any clever answer.

'Suri, I'm not one of those guys who says to a lady he'd called and never calls back, you know' Luhan said in a serious note.

'Well good to know, else that would make you a A-class Jerk, I blurted out before I realized I had said it out loud.

'You speak your mind, don't you?' he laughed and said he like that in a girl.

If you must know, I was totally blushing. All I could do was silently thank my lucky stars that this conversation was over the phone or I'd be dead.

'Anyways, you haven't change your mind about coming for dinner with me right?' Luhan asked again.

'Yes, I'd love to' I replied.

'Great, then I'll be there in an hour'

Text me your address and I'll give you a buzz when I reach. See you soon Suri' he and hanged up.

I stood there trying to digest the whole conversation that just happen.

'Guess! I'm going for the dinner after all' I said out loud after a couple of seconds.

'YAZZZ...' Kim jumped and rush to hugged me.

'Give me your phone, I'll text him the address. You go and get ready' Kim said. I pass my phone to her and run up to my room.

15 minutes and I was out of the shower.

'Kim come in here!!' I called out.

She came in after a couple of minutes.

'So, what should I wear? I asked. I'm getting really nervous now' I told her.

'Relax, just think he's just a real cute normal guy and go with the flow. Don't think it's Luhan LUHAN, if you know what I mean' she winked.

I suck in a deep breath and said OK hoping that I don't have a nervous breakdown and embarrassed myself later.

We ended up choosing a simple short semi-casual red dress. A soft gold embroidered black blazer to compliment the dress and black pumps. Then Kim make me sit through a torturing 15 mins doing my make-up. Thankfully, I was happy with the result. She gave me a natural glow with slight touch of blusher and classic lines foe my eyes.

'There you go Cinderella' she smiled as she gave me the last touch.

I actually feel like a Cinderella tonight I thought. As I mused, my phone rang. I looked up and it was Luhan. 'Hey, be down in a minute' I said before rushing to collect my purse. I hugged Kim and hurried down. I heard Kim saying to have fun love and that I deserved this night. I will I shouted back and told her not to wait up.

As I got out of the gate, I saw Luhan leaning lazily on his car, hands folded in front giving a nice view of his tone biceps. A smile curled up his soft lips as he saw me. He stood up when I got nearer to him. As I reached and stood nervously infront of him, he gave me a quick hug and told me that he was glad you came.

'You look beautiful' he said as pull me an arm length and looked at me. I literally blushed from head to toe. I doubt, one can tell the difference between my face and my dress, I cringed at the thought.

'Let's get going' he said laughing seeing me blush while he opened the car door for me.

I mumbled a thank you and got in the car. He walk around the other side, got in and we drove off. 20 minutes and we reached our destination.

Luhan seems to be regular as the manager welcomed him with ease. He showed us to a private lift that took us up to a rooftop. I was having a hard time keeping myself for gapping at the view. A waiter led us to a very private corner. After we settled in, Luhan asked what I wanted.

I was still trying to wrap my head around the surrounding, so I told him to go ahead and order for us both. I hardly heard what he ordered as I was lost admiring the beautiful ambience. I snapped back to reality when Luhan asked if I was liking the place.

'Are you kidding me! This place is awesome. I think I'll just be happy admiring this beautiful view' I said.

He chuckled 'Glad to know you approve of my choice'.

'You come here often?' I asked.

'Once in a while with the boys. It's private and the food is good' he replied.

We talk about all things, with me asking about the life with the boys for the good part of it. He answered it all patiently. Then, he asked me about my family, my etc etc. We went on hoping from one topic to another till our food arrived.

We continued our conversation in between the food when he suddenly asked,

'So, Suri who is your favourite from EXO?

I cringed at the Question as I couldn't possibly say it's him, the fact that I didn't even recognized him in the morning. I mean, No fan of his would do that right? I mentally kicked myself. There was no point lying, so I told him I like Chanyeol since I don't listened to EXO-M as I don't understand Chinese.

Then I added, I would totally pick HIM any day from now on and gave him my best smile. This was the only defence I could come up with.

Luhan just laughed 'It's Ok dear, I get it. Many are not familiar with EXO-M but lately we (EXO-K & EXO-M) have been promoting together and people are becoming more familiar with us here as well' he said.

I could only nod and smile as I felt really bad and dumb about the whole situation.

Thankfully, Luhan changed the topic. Maybe he saw my awkwardness or whatever it was, I was relief.

We were almost done with the main course when he asked 'Are you enjoying your night so far?'

I looked up and nodded a yes.

'Hmmmn...What's your idea to end a perfect date?' he asked next to my surprise.

My thoughts took a triple somersault. So this is a date eh? Did he really just asked me that? Meanwhile, the last scene from twilight flashed through my mind. The one where Edward and Bella dance underneath all those sparkling light. Yeah, shoot me I'm a twilight fan what can I say.

I suddenly realized Luhan was looking at me, waiting for my answer.

' really want to know? I asked.

'Of course I do, that's why I asked, he replied waiting for my answer.

'It's a silly one, you'll probably laugh at me' I said smiling weakly at him.

'Oh c'mon I won't, I promise'

'Tell me' he coaxed. So, I told him about the scene while blushing all the way through.

'Hmmn....he smiled and he continued looking at me.

'Wait here for a sec' he said before getting off his chair and walking towards the reception. I watched him as he whispered something to the manager and the later smiling and nodding to whatever Luhan was saying.

Luhan walked back and sat down without saying a word. I was about to ask but our dessert came.

'Are you done?' He asked after a while.

I nodded and stood up as he came around and pull out my chair. Chivalry is not dead, I thought. He took my hand once I stepped out. Confused I looked up to see him smiling with that dimpled-melting-smile.

'May I have the pleasure of dancing with you?' he asked.

My sense of speech momentarily faded. After some few seconds I somehow I manage to murmured that I don't really know how to dance.

'Don't worry, just follow my lead and led me towards the deserted dance floor.

As we got on the floor, Luhan pulled me close, one hand behind my back. We sway to Michael Bible's Save the last dance for me. As if that wasn't already perfect, soft lights slowly began to light up all over, above us like the scene from Twilight.

I was overwhelmed and got me almost teary. I bite in to stop my emotions. I couldn't help thinking, this night was going to be my best night.

It was saddening knowing the fact that it was just tonight. Yet I felt blissful that I got this moment. I know I was going to look back tomorrow and many, many years down the memory lane, be grateful and smile that I got the chance among millions to experience what I had tonight.

I looked up at Logan, my eyes bright with unshed tears, I smiled and said "THANK YOU"

Luhan just smiled and hugged me close. Then murmured on top of my head "You're welcome dear"

We held each other and dance till the song faded. Still holding hands, we got in the private elevator and head back down to where the car was parked.

As we drove away, neither of us spoke a word. I turned  to say something but Luhan seems to be lost in his own thoughts. So I leaned back against the seat and looked outside. It was a moonlit night with stars studding the sky.

My mind flashback to the moment at the coffee shop. The laughs we shared over a cup of coffee, to the surprise phone call, the dinner, the dance and now here. It sure was a fairytale kind of day I thought. A bitter sweet memory to hold on to. I was lost in my thoughts till I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I snap back to reality,

"Suri, we've reached' Luhan said quietly before getting out of the car and came around to open the door for me.

I got out and stood there not sure what to do next. So I murmured a "Thank you"

While thoughts rush through my mind. This might probably be my first and last time to come this close to meeting Luhan. So I muttered up the courage and looked up.

"Luhan, thank you so much for giving me the perfect night. Others won't come close to this ever that I'm sure. I'll never forget it!" I told him and smiled.

"I wish you and EXO all the success. Remember, I'll always be cheering for you no matter where you go k" I added and hugged him.

He didn't said anything and just hugged me tightly before letting me go. I said good night and started walking towards the gate. Just when I was about to get in...I heard Luhan called.

"Suri, wait!"

I stop and turned to see Luhan slowly walking towards me. As he reached, without a word he tilted my face with his finger and slowly leaned down and kissed me.

As he lifted up his head, he simply said Thank you...

I could only smile and hug him for the last time. He walked back to his car and as he was about to get in the car, he turn back and said "MAYBE SOMEDAY..."

I just smiled and replied "MAYBE" and waved him goodbye.

As I watched Luhan drove away and disappear into the night, I told myself..."Maybe someday we'll find our happy ending together. Maybe just maybe".

I walked back into the house with the memories and a smile not minding the teardrops rolling down my face.

Just maybe...


Author note:

Thanks for checking out my story. I hope you enjoy reading it. Do comment your thoughts on the story.

Untill next time...xoxo
Author note:

Thanks for checking out my story. I hope you enjoy reading it. Do comment your thoughts on the story.

Untill next time...xoxo