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Update - More BTS Songs & VIXX's Comeback
Hi guys. As you all know, on a previous card a long time ago, I did a list of BTS songs that I blast on repeat. As of today, I have updated this list. Here is the list:
- 2nd Grade
- Born Singer
- Whalien 52
- Outro: House of Cards
- Intro: Never Mind
- Butterfly
- Spine Breaker
- Hold Me Tight
- Move
- Converse High
- Baepsae/Silver Spoon
- Dead Leaves
- Run
- Hip Hop Lover
- Danger (Mo-Blue-Mix)
- Outro: Love is Not Over
- Fun Boys/Boyz With Fun
- Intro: Never Mind
- I Need U
- Dope/Sick
- I Like It
- No More Dream
- Boy in Luv
- Coffee
- Let Me Know
- N.O
- Cypher Part 1
- Cypher Part 2: Tripytch
- Cypher Part 3: Killer
- We Are Bulletproof, Pt. 2
- Danger
- Just One Day
- Tomorrow
- War of Hormone
- Rain
I have been sucked into the BTS fandom now.... ^-^
VIXX's comeback is so close, I just kennot deal with this. Recently, I saw the teaser picture on their Twitter and the art film video on YouTube. What. Is. This? I need to breathe.....
Hope everybody has a great day!
xo Alexis
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