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Beards are here to stay.

It's seldom you pass by a guy on the street who happen tone beardless. No shade, but that's a real thing? While all men are equally handsome, it's something extremely special that stands out about a man who grows a beard. The length of the beard doesn't matter much, jus the fact that he has a face full of hair is all we really care about at the end of the day. While many equate beards to masculinity, I personally equate beards to taking my breath away. Literally.
You can ask pretty much any woman on the face of the earth how she feels about a man with a beard and 9/10 she will reply with a positive comment. If she doesn't, she's living in the wrong decade -- obviously [I kid, I kid]. But seriously, nothing screams super handsome like a beard. Although 'No Shave November' was specifically designed as a month for absolutely no shaving, I'm not an advocate. I believe in no shave everyday. If you're going to rock a beard, rock it with pride. Women love that. While beards aren't mandatory, they're pretty darn amazing and here are a few reasons why.

Beards Look Amazing On Anyone

You can look good, but a beard will literally have you looking amazing.

Beards Easily Make A Man Look Older

Tired of having a babyface and you're pushing 30 -- grow a beard. It will be the best decision you will ever make. Well, maybe one of them.

Women Are Highly Attracted To Men With Beards

Let's keep it real. Women love a man with a beard. I can't quite put my finger on it, but those are facts coming from a devout beard lover herself.

Ladies, beard or no beard?

Fellas, do you rock a beard?
@marshalledgar Yes!!! 5 o'clock shadow
im glad you agree that beards def make men look better!!! @TurtleyTurtles
My boyfriend has always had a beard. Except for his mother's wedding... He shaved it all off, and it made him look weird. Lol. When I first met him, it was really short, but there. Now, he trims it whenever he feels like it, so it gets really long sometimes, and I love it. It's super soft when it gets long. There are some guys out there that look better without a beard, though. Like Native Americans... But most need beards, for sure!
My old roommate had a beard and he would go INSANE if it got too bushy. He said it would get crazy itchy and he couldn't focus if it wasnt neat lol. I'm all for other people having beards, but yeah I'm glad I can't grow one myself :)
I actually had a beard once for a play. Man did I look good in it! It's true what they say!
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