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Guess what guys? I have joined KpopINT as a writer/reporter.... fun huh? I mean who wouldn't want to spend hours looking up new and exciting information about their bias group or go on a rampage over the ending of that Kdrama that just kicked you in the shin and ran away? (Breath here) I don’t know about you…. But I am sooo uberly excited!
I plan on introducing some less known groups/artists, maybe bring up some older ones you little people haven’t heard of before. I will also go on about newer and older Kdramas, Tdramas, Jdramas….. (did I forget any???) and give you the run down before you put the hours in to watch it. Other than that I might come up with a little bit of this and that just as my mind sees fit. (And if the people in charge let me I guess….)
But for this Page? Post? Part? (What do you call it?) … anyway I will just introduce myself, and give you a little information about me, myself, and I.
Some of you know me for my Fanfictions such as Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend, 1234, or my newest addition They Call Me a Monster. I also have put out a nice little bundle of shorts… I guess they are called one-shot on here?
My friends call me Jojo and I am a single mother of one 6-year-old little female monster, a college student, and have another job besides this one (the writing and stuff). Before you ask, my daughter LOVES kpop…… especially if it has anything to do with Jeon Jungkook and the rest of BTS. I am 26 (obviously not little if I have my own 6-year-old monster), and I have been in love with Kpop for the last……. 4? Maybe 5 years. I don’t know I lost count somewhere… years all tend to start to blend together at some point.
My first group was in fact Super Junior. I actually found them through watching Dramas. I watched Skip Beat (One of my all-time favorite dramas by the way) and fell in love with not only Siwon and Donghae but the opening OST kept getting stuck in my head so I looked it up and realized the hot guys in the show where in the group that did the singing. Color me in love! Honestly though, I was completely floored watching a group of 12 men dance and sing in harmony… that spelled the end of my life before kpop kidnapped me. Before I knew it I was looking up more groups. I found Block B, Big Bang, 2NE1, amongst millions of others. Now all that plays on my playlists is Kpop and I wouldn’t go back for anything….
Well honestly this is one long little ABOUT ME section so I am going to just end it here…. If you have any questions or just want to bat about ideas for stories, what shows to watch, or what random song is stuck in my head today…. Feel free to comment or leave me a message.
To my Loverlys…. I am only tagging you in this first post…. I will be making a separate tag list for my Newsys. If you have any interest in being added to the list let me know, otherwise you will only continue to be tagged in my stories.
KPopBeat OUT! Lol always wanted to say that
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Please tag me in future posts! I am loving KpopINT
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I love this song
you should look up the legend- nail south korean band, I wish there was more info about them
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