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Day 80 of the 250k transformation challenge. So today is the day I finally broke under 150 lbs! Woohoo! It's a great feeling to accomplish a goal and even tho it took 80 days, I did it! I've been consistent with my nutrition and workouts, so I knew eventually I would get there. But now that I'm here, I ask myself is this really where I want to be? The answer is no... I actually don't like this weight on me, my clothes are loose and when I look in the mirror, I see a skinny version of me. Everybody has their own preference of what their ideal body should look like, that's why you should never judge or compare yourself against somebody else. Just worry about your own self and strive to what you want to be and look like. Some people want to be ripped and cut, others want to be huge and massive. Enjoy the journey because sometimes when you get to the end, the results aren't what you're looking for and you'll be on another journey again. There's 4 days left in the challenge and since I hit one of my goals today, I celebrated with a breakfast burrito from the taco shop! Have a great hump day, we're halfway through the week...
I think with the whole fitness/body building journey thing...sometimes we're never really satisfied. I remember when I was at my leanest and strongest, there were still some things I wanted to work out.
Dang, I came to this card all excited to talk about fitness, and now I'm just feeling like I need a taco shop breakfast burrito in my life. I haven't had one in forevs.
@alywoah I know what you mean, I think it's human nature that we're never satisfied and we always want more.
CONgrats on hitting your goal weight EARLY! I know that burrito was AMAZEBALLS! @UDskam I think you should consider a lean bulk phase so that you can be a fuller muscular version of yourself. But it's up to you
@marshalledgar Yea I am considering that actually. I'm pretty much over counting macros and calories tho. That's why I have to figure it all out on what's actually doable for me. I have all weekend to decide. Thanks for your support tho, I appreciate it!
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