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Would you rather call someone to talk to them or just send them a text message? Learn the Korean terms below and let me know in the comments! ^_^

전화하다 (jeon-hwa-ha-da)

To Call

문자 보내다 (moon-ja bo-nae-da)

To Send a Text

Follow the collection to learn other Korean phrases! ^_^
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문자 보내다하고, 전화하다!!! I love texting the person I admire the most every single night just before I go to bed and say goodnight :3 But hearing their voice makes me feel at ease haha and he's super funny so I love calling him also.
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@exoxerox Awww, that's adorable! :)
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Why not both?
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@Vladislavs True! But I feel like a lot of people don't call these days. At least at my university :/
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