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G-Dragon is the leader, a main rapper, composer, and the face of BigBang
Real name: Kwon Ji Yong
Birthday: August 18, 1988
Height: 177 cm (5’9)
•His stage name “G–Dragon” comes from his original name “Ji Yong” because Ji sounds just like a “G” and Yong means “Dragon”.
•His childhood friend is Kangin from Super Junior.
•He is known for his incredible taste in fashion and is one of the top fashionista in the idol world.
•Though he appears confident and charismatic on stage and in MVs, GD is extremely shy and modest in real life.
•We he was eight years old he was apart of the kid group “Little Roora“.
•Was an SM trainee for 5 years until he decided to quit because he was unsure if music was what he wanted to do.
•He has been with YG Entertainment since he was 12 years old.
•He and TaeYang were originally going to debut in a duo hip–hop group “GDYB“, but Yang Hyun Suk canceled their debut because he wanted to instead create a 4 to 6 member group (Which is now BIGBANG).
•Even during his trainee years GD rapped in songs by several big name artist such as Wheesung, SE7EN, and Masta Wu.
•After the members of BIGBANG were finalized, Yang Hyun Suk gave each of the members pendants. GD‘s was a star with his favorite type of cap on it. It means “To become a big star in the music industry“.
•He produces all of BIGBANG’s songs.
•Known in KPOP as a musical genius (To which he denies)
•In 2009 he released his first solo album “Heartbreaker“ an received a phenomenal amount of success. But it was later attacked by Sony Music for claims of “Heartbreaker“ being too similar to Flo Rida‘s “Right Round“ and “Butterfly“ being too similar to Oasis‘s “She’s Electric“. In the end the music labels for the respective artist said they didn’t see any similarities and did not press charges.
•Ironically, GD released another version of “Heartbreaker“ featuring Flo Rida.
•His relationship with Yang Hyun Suk is compared to a “father and son relationship“.
•He along side T.O.P formed a sub unit titled “GD&TOP“.
•He has a Sharpei named Gaho (He even talks about him in his rap in GD&TOP‘s “Knock Out“)
•In 2011 it was announced that GD failed a drug test taken in Japan and had traces of Marijuana in his hair cells. It was revealed that during a party GD had smoked a cigarette from a fan that tasted a bit off, but didn‘t think much of it since he had never smoked pot before and had also been drinking at the party. Soon after the news broke he stopped all of his up coming events and went on a self–reflection period.
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