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B1A4 will be halting promotions after Baro's ankle injury. Baro fell during a performance back on June 5, stretching his ligament. The hospital recommended that although he would be able to walk fine, he shouldn't be dancing on stage nor participating in any heavy exercise until he is fully healed. Because of his injury, the B1A4 boys won't be promoting "Song of the Starlight" as they had originally planned for their follow up song. Their label WM Entertainment said, "B1A4 practiced a lot to show off a flashy performance through their follow up song 'Song of the Starlight', so the members are sad, as well. They had such a good result from this album, so please look forward to them until they comeback with a better look." Source: allkpop His injury must be quite severed. I went to SBS Inkigayo last week and when B1A4 was preparing for their stage, I saw a back-dancer piggyback Baro onto the stage. Poor boy, get well soon :(
So many injuries on the news for the past few days. I hope they all get well soon :(
I love starlight song and want to see their stage but this is inevitable :(((( hope Baro recover soon.
:( hope he get well soon!!!