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Waifu Wednesday!! The #1 Boa Hancock!!
She is so beautiful that she looks so down on people she actually is looking up!! In all seriousness tho she is gorgeous and amazing strong with her devil fruit abilities and fighting style. Super addictive to all the men except Luffy haha, which is her one and only crush. Watch out or she'll turn you to stone for just thinking about her. But it would be nice knowing she was the one who turned me to stone bc I got to see her beauty!! Anime is life!! One Piece Is Love!!
Lol I laughed so hard when she tried turning Luffy into stone with her merro merro melow thingymicbobber xD
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@koifries haha I remember that, he is basically dumbfounded to women in general haha!! She is so crazy about him tho!!
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Nice choice!! XD
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@hikaymm thanks NAKAMA!! I forgot to put battle with it but I HD to get the #1 part in I love Boa tho she is a true warrior from the heart of One Piece!!
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