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Daesung is a lead vocalist in BigBang
Real name: Kang Dae Sung
Birthday: April 26, 1989
Height: 178 cm (5’10)
•He is known for his jokester like antics not only in BIGBANG, but in various variety shows.
•He loves to bring smiles to people‘s faces.
•At a young age Daesung went to vocal lessons frequently. But when he told his parents that he wanted to pursue a career in singing, they told him no and stopped paying for his lessons. Shortly after his vocal instructor called him and asked why he wasn‘t attending anymore. When he told her he couldn‘t afford it because of his parents she told him, “I will give you the lessons for free as long as you work hard.”
•When he was a trainee he was diagnosed with vocal cord nodules (which is caused by straining the vocal cords). They got worse in the fall of 2006 and he had to undergo treatment soon before the release of BIGBANG‘s second single. Labelmate Gummy, who had experienced similar problems, helped Daesung recover and manage his condition, and they’ve been friends ever since.
•After the members of BIGBANG were finalized, Yang Hyun Suk gave each of the members pendants. Daesung‘s was the earth held between headphones. It means: “To let the whole world listen to your music”
•Loves “Doreamon”
•Idols from YG often joke that Daesung and 2NE1‘s Minzy are related because of their similar facial features such as their smiling eyes.
•The members of BIGBANG have stated that Daesung is the type of person to think: “If something goes right, it‘s because of someone else. But if something goes wrong, it‘s because of me.
•Usually when someone is accepted as a trainee into a company, they are chosen not just on skill but also on looks. For Daesung, he wasn‘t very good looking so it was a surprise to many that he was accepted at all (The members of BIGBANG often joke that when they first saw Daesung, they thought he had to be an musical genius).
•Some musicians he admires are Usher, Omarion, Ne–Yo, and Wheesung.
•In 2011, Daesung was driving to his parents house at night when he noticed a taxi car pulled over to the side. When he went to stop, he ran over a man lying in the road from a previous accident. The man died, and Daesung was struck with grief and sadness and ended all of his Idol appearances for the rest of the year. For the remainder of the year he stayed at home and/or went to church.
My poor daesung, having so many struggles in his life 😢 I'm so glad he fought through it and became the smiling angel that he is again
he is just so special to me and he doesn't know who I am but I don't care. 😍😍😍
@KwonOfAKind... here Comes the Nose u love♡♡♡♡
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