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Most people equate rock star style with fall and winter, but here's how to translate some rock star fashion staples into the lighter seasons. Rock and roll never stops, especially not for sunshine.

1. Leopard Print

This is my favorite picture of Kate Moss ever. It's so effortless. You can see the attitude in the way she's standing, and through her outfit. Leopard Print is perfect, and in most of the country, the temperatures don't really escalate until May and a light jacket would be good to keep around. Leopard print is a timeless rock and roll staple, everyone from Kieth Richards to Billie Joe Armstrong have rocked the print in the past. So, put on a distressed T, your leopard print jacket, tousle your hair and go out and be somebody!

2. Fringe

A lot of rock star fashion is inspired by the hippie movement of San Francisco in the middle '60's. It's pretty cool to know that these free flowing kinds of garments are still wildly in style. Although this isn't a look I rock often, it's still totally valid and perfect for those temperate Spring days. Take Keith Richards' style, it looks effortless and pretty cool. Good look for Spring don't you think?

3. Mixing Patterns

Part of effortless rock and roll style is the ability to mix and match prints. One of my favorite things to do is to mix prints that have the same color families. This leads to an effortlessly chic look that can go from day to night in no time. Plus, there are lots of options to choose from for Spring.

4. Black Everything

Black is chic. It's classic. It's everything. All rock stars know that taking a simple outfit in all black and accessorizing the hell out of it, is the key to success. I mean look at my man Pete Doherty, perfect use of accessories. One of my favorite things to do is wear all black, black jeans a black V neck and black shoes, whether they're converse or heels. Then I accessorize with a long necklace, rosary or Alexander McQueen scarf. Then it's all about the hair and makeup. Simple outfits require a lot of balls to wear, because then you're just on your own. Very rock and roll.

5. Converse Chuck Taylor's

Pair these with some leopard print shorts, a faded band T and some dangling necklaces and you've got the perfect festival outfit. Converse are the shoes that I wear from day to day, and though I love my Manolo Blahniks and aspire to own a pair of Christian Louboutins, I will never go back on my true shoe sole mate. They're obviously the perfect