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game created by @Badtz I put a short story with each one so enjoy.
There was a young man standing in front of me while I was waiting to order a white chocolate mocha. I just got off work and I need a caffeine boast if I was going to stay up to work on chapters for my book. When the young man stepped aside I stepped forward to order. When I reached into my bag to pay. the person who took my order told me that it was already paid for. I looked at them confused and they ponit to the young man who was walking out the door. Without thinking I ran over to him grabbing his arm. "thank you for paying for mine. I'll pay you back." I told him. "No need, I wanted to pay for you pretty noona." He said making me blush. "What's your name I would like to pay you back." I was happy that he paid but at the same time felt that I owed him. "I'm Jungkook and again noona don't worry about. see you around noona" With that he walked out and I stood in place confused on why he paid for my coffee. one of the staff members walked over to me and handed me my coffee.
I was always bored and wasn't the best student in class. today the teachers thought it would be the best to have everyone stay after school to study. I was always tried and hated studying. Groaning with how irritated I was the chair next to me moved and someone sat by me. "Looks like you're my new seat partner." Said the person next to me. I looked over to see Jimin. he was one of the hottest guys here at school no one really knew who Bangtan was. the only thing we knew was that they were good at rapping and dancing. Jimin was a dancer and a good one at that. "Are we switching seats?" I asked confused on why he was sitting next to me and I didn't believed the fact he was my seat partner. Just for study hall and they only wanted the right side of each row, except the one row by the doors, to move one. I was up front and now I'm in the back." he told me giving me a sweet cheeky grain that said he was up to no good. sitting back in my seat looking out the window I heard a noise that sounded like a bag of chips. I looked back at where the noise was coming from. It was Jimin eating and pointed at them for me to have. I wasn't hungry, but I gave in when my stomach growled. he smiled at me and we studied while eating.
I couldn't get that young man out of my mind. I still wanted to pay him back for what he did. I took a break from writing and went to the library. I needed to refresh my mind. walking around i saw a book that seemed pretty interesting.the titled drew me in to wanting to read it. however I was short and the book was on the top shelf. trying my best to reach it, a hand, that come out of nowhere, grabbed it for me. handing me the book I turned to thank whomever helped me. "thank you so much for the help." I said giving the person a bow to thank them. "No problem noona." I looked up to see Jungkook, the young man from the coffee shop. "Jungkook." "I had an idea that you were short, but now I see that you're really short." He told me with a big smile. I glared at him and walked away. "sorry noona I couldn't help it!" He said laughing some more. I sat down at one the tables that were placed around the library. i wasn't ready to leave with the book until I knew it was good. though I wasn't able to read the book when Jungkook sat across from me. he had a notebook and what looked like a how to draw book in front of him. the book I had in my hand closed as I was intrigued at what he was doing. "Nonna it's not nice to stare." He said still drawing. I blushed and went back to my book.
days after sharing a snack with Jimin, both of us started to hang out some more. I learned that he loves to dance but he also wants to sing. one day when we're walking about the town both of our stomachs growled. he told me that there was place he wanted to try that we walked pasted. I told him that we could go there and he turned around with my following behind. he told me, when we walked in, to find a place to sit. I did on what he asked and before I knew it he come back with a try of food. He bought me lunch and this felt like a date to me. "I could have paid Jimin." I told him when he sat down with our food. "I know but I wanted to pay." He told me. I didn't argue and ate my fries while watching people past by the restaurant. we ate and spoke more about what we wanted to do after high school. it was no shock that Jimin wanted to dance and sing. he told me that he auditioned at a few entertainment companies. I thought it we pretty cool that he was already planing for his future while I had no idea.
I was walking downtown getting fresh air. I was in need of air to take break from studying. I had 4 finals the following week and I need to study in order to pass this semester. taking all the fresh air I felt someone grabbed my arm. "sorry but you walked by and wanted to give this to you."The man who was giving me a yellow rose to me. "Thank you " I said looking up from smelling the sent of the rose. However the man who gave me a rose was gone. walking back to my small apartment I placed the rose in a cup with water. I stared at the rose wondering if I would see him again.
Walking around the city can be dangerous and with reports of being robbed while walking made me rethink about walking around Seoul. To calm my self I grabbed my ear bud and pressed play for music to settle my nerves. Walking around i felt something grab my bag and I froze thinking of was being robbed right here in the streets. I turned around to see a handsome man who was staring back at me. "Sorry to scare you. your bag looked heavy and I thought I could carry it for you. I'm Jin by the way." He said while scratching the back of his head. "No its fine I can carry it thank you for the offer." "I wasnot going to rob you if that is what your thinking. At first I was was but when you turned around i could help but forgot what I was doing. You're really pretty at that and you might be prettier then me." I was shocked that he told me that one he was going to rob me and two that he told me that I was prettier then him. I realized that he just reversed robbed me here on the streets.
it was cold and spring was taking forever to get here. plus it didn't help that I was wearing a sweater and jeans and no jacket. I thought I would be warm enough. nope I was freezing my ass off. I looked around to see more people show up at the bus stop. an elderly woman walked in and looked for a seat. I stood up giving her my seat. crossing my arms waiting for the bus. While waiting I felt something heavy and do warm touch my shoulders. I turned around seeing who it was. A young man with high cheek bones smiled a smile that was contagious. "I noticed that you were cold and also that you gave up yours seat for grandma." He told me. I smiled and thanked him. he stood next me while we waited. I started to warm up and when the bus arrived I gave him the jacket back. "Thank you....?" "Hoseok but you can call me JHOPE." He told me with another contagious smile. "thank you JHOPE here is you jacket." "keep it in have more then just that one. plus it still feels like winter." He said stating the obvious. "thanks I guess." I told him and stood by the back door on the bus. there was seats but I figured I could stand. which was a good thing because some elders yhat were at the bus stop took the seats. the grandma that I gave my seat too at the bus stop sat in front of me. "You two look like a lovely couple. are you two dating?" "No he was just being helpful by lending me his jacket." I told her aware of JHOPE right next to me. "That's to bad you two would look great together." She stated. "I know it is such a shame that I try so hard but she never notices me." jhope chimed in. grandma smiled and I stood there feeling the silence and awkwardness surrounded me. "You cute when you blush." jhope whispered in my left ear. the bus stopped and he got off giving me yet another contagious smile.
First day of Spring and it was raining. of course I forgot to bring an umbrella when I left for school this morning. the weather however suites my mood. Jimin had been gone for a month now and hasn't contacted me. taking a deep breath I prepared myself to run in the rain when someone stepped in front to of me with an umbrella. "Hey I figured you forgot an umbrella." Jimin said. "No I didn't I just wanted to walk in the rain." I told him. "sure because you just love the rain and catching a cold." He with sarcasm thick as he spoke. "Fine I forgot and there was no one in a way to help me. You been awol for a month without a word of what happened to you. and now you show-" Jimin was in front of me and really close. I took a step back but the next thing I knew his lips were on mine. "You talk to much." He said and grabbed my bag and then my hand. he walked me home with the umbrella covering us from the rain.
@Badtz awe see if had no idea and I looked it up. lol
wowww too many feels rn!! 😣😊 tying everything together was pretty cool~ thank you for playing lol by reverse robbed, I meant he secretly gave you stuff but what you wrote definitely works, too πŸ˜„πŸ‘Œ