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I have officially got another bias wrecker. We all know Jimin was wrecking lives over here. But now this cutie has always been on my radar. It was always the choice of wanting to except it or ignore. But today he broke through. Thank you V app for GOTing.... Let's look at the dancing wonder of GOT7 maknae shall we
Yes spit your love all over me!
Even though you are 3 years younger than me, it is so true what they say. You look nothing like the maknae of the group.
Those eye smiles are killer!!! I want to be that stuffed animal on your arm. Omg you're showing skin.....mmmmm and that freckle under your eye. *licks lips* woah gotta calm down now...
That FRECKLE IS SO DAMN HOT!!!!! (side note, i have a feckle there too ) @Helixx know how you obsess about Jimin's freckle on his hand, mine is Yugyeom's freckle on the face. Yup this is an issue...
I'm gonna go clean myself up now.
Hahahah! I totally understand the mole thing. You know I do. What is it with you and Maknaes? Kookie still giving you problems?
And it's because of boys like this I have to check their age because I feel so dirty, and then they do sexy things and it's like NO nonono No stop that I can't see you as a man ugh it truly breaks my heart.
@Helixx no...because i opened my heartu to Yugyeom...I don't know. Kookie is the Golden Maknae. But Yugyeom is a triple threat with dancing, singing and rapping!
@merryjayne13 yes! I mean it cool to be a noona but at the same time no thank you. because you so young you gotta slow down.