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Hello Kpop lovers! I have decided to start a little series of posts about this new and fascinating group called Neoz 1.
I found them… like most of us who watch drama’s did, on a mini drama by the name of Click Your Heart. (I watched it on Dramafever myself). This cute little drama stars AOA’s Min Ah and (Boys in picture from left to right) Ju Ho, Cha Ni, Da Won, and Ro Woon.
This cute story was made as an interactive pick your own path series where no one will be left with second lead syndrome. For those of you who do not know what this is I highly recommend watching Boys Over Flowers and you will know by the end of the show what I am talking about.
Each of the stories was cute and can leave you with little butterflies and happy feels.
Since this is a very short series I can’t really tell you much about the show because in general it would literally give the whole thing away. I can, however, tell you a bit about the boys. Ju Ho… that bad boy that is always fighting in school but all of the girls are secretly interested in. Cha Ni… that younger boy that is always happy, loves to dance, and knows exactly what to do to push your buttons and make you laugh at the same time. Da Won the childhood friend who turned out to be way too smart for you to keep up with but is always there to bail you out of trouble, and Ro Woon, that handsome, you want but totally out of your league sports star that secretly loves to slack off and pick on you. Each of the boys has their own charms and honestly I found it hard to pick between going on the path for Ro Woon or Da Won. Of course I watched all of the endings but those two seemed to peak my interest more.
These stories are well written and filled with enough laughs and charms to make anyone fall in love with the show. I only have two complaints about the show… one…. It was too short. I would have watched a whole 12 episode show about this and been completely in love… and two…. Well where in the hell are the other boys? Neoz 1 has a nice little number of boys and though some of them can be seen as background characters in the show you don’t really get to see them much. Over all I really enjoyed this show and would recommend it to anyone looking for something simple, fun, and lighthearted.
Tomorrow I will start with the introduction of the boys of Neoz 1. There is not an abundance of information about them available but I will do my best to make sure you are all kept up to date as I am.
Until tomorrow…. KpopBeat OUT!
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@ESwee I dont know I was pretty happy with who she ended up with in She Was Pretty, but I did feel bad for Siwon's character.
I like this idea, choose your own adventure style. Also: she was pretty is good for learning 2nd lead syndrome too...
oooo interested now