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If you happen to fill in your brows on the regular, you probably know just how tedious the task can become. Making sure you fill in every empty space while paying close attention to overfilling, it gets annoying. While I have long brows, they happen to be rather sparse and thin. I've always been a huge fan of thick eyebrows like my girl, Cara Delevingne. Over the past few weeks the idea of micro blading has crossed mind. While I know that I would probably never go through with this process to perfection [maybe I would], it seems so worth it. If you're not familiar with micro blading, it's a semi permanent eyebrow embroidery where hair like strokes are implanted onto the surface of the brow to give the illusion of a full brow. It may sound difficult, but the process is rather easy. If you're interested in hearing more about this brow-tastic technique, keep scrolling and check out the video below.
Guys, don't judge me, but I'm highly considering getting this done. Look how realistic they look. I'm in serious awe.

What do you think about this beauty technique?

I will def post before and after pics @stephosorio
Well, this is interesting because I just had a bizarre encounter with a woman at *insert makeup location here* where it got AWKWARD really fast. Basically, as you all know, I am "dealing" with my own eyebrow issues. That led me to take @hikaymm's advice to go to a brow bar. Well, I didn't go to a brow bar, but I did have my brows done professionally, which DID NOT include micro blading. Anyhow, the woman, probably a manager, came over to see how things were with me and started off with, "Your brows look fierce!," which is what led me to say, "Fierce isn't what I'm looking for." It was a moment of eeeeek. Anyhow, I should have said THANK YOU, but i'd prefer something less fierce as I am not looking for a manicured brow. UGH!!!!!
Wow, this further cements the fact that I know nothing about eyebrows or how to shape them.
I'm not an eyebrow person whatsoever. I usually wake up too late to put makeup on, so I'm not a makeup person either, but I would and probably will get this. From what I heard, they stay on for about year
My sister would like it. She complains all the time about how mine are thick and hers are ghosts lol
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