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If you want to know your house, here be the link^-^ Check out your housemates when you're done^-^
I GOT GRYFFINDOR! I AM DESTINED FOR GREATNESS! (Also I am part of the Weasley Fam sooooo yea)
Let's just talk about his quidditch status (keeper and captain) ^-^ Go Baozi Go!
Of course he's in Hogwarts...I mean he's part unicorn. Where you been?
He's the leader of his house and the founder of D.E.R.P... I should join......
Transfer student...
He would be in Gryffindor....Js
Alright pointing out that he's in Slytherin. And he speaks Parseltongue but his lisp prevents him from speaking it well...Its cute when he tries though.
D.O has the most amazing voice in the frog choir..But we all knew right?! He has no ranks or titles because he is mostly quiet and keeps to himself.
This turd got to choose his house. Smh
Kris...I have nothing to say lol
How is he in Slytherin?! And he has a cute obsession with muggles.
Gryffindor's other seeker and captain...EVERYONE IN GRYFFINDOR LOVES HIM!! Bruh I gotta take notes on his apparition skill...I be failing that class.
Ravenclaw's seeker...
@MsLoyalHeart According to HP, Slytherin is for the purebloods, which are those that are magical and can follow their family tree line full of magicals, and those that get into Slytherin are for the cunning, their house colors are Silver and Green, and their mascot is the serpent. Gryfindoor is commonly made up of small family purebloods, half-bloods (which are children that have one pureblood parent and one muggle parent, muggle is just the opposite of pureblood, or a pureblood parent and one muggle-born parent), and muggle-borns, which are born from two muggle parents but theory is that somewhere in their ancestry, a squib (which is a child born from two pureblood parents but doesn't have magic to call their own) married into their family. Gryfindoor is known for their bravery, their house colors are Gold and Red/Crimson, and their mascot is the lion. Ravenclaw is commonly made up of Purebloods and Half-bloods, with the rare Muggle-borns that manages to slip in. They are known for their book smarts and studying capabilities. Their house colors are Purple and Grey, and their mascot is the Raven. Hufflepuff (which I'm proud of being a part of 😆😆) is commonly made up of Muggle-borns and Half-bloods, with the rare Pureblood slipping in. Hufflepuff is kinda the leftovers and the underdogs of Hogwarts, because these folks are believed to not have any talents since they didn't make it to the other houses, but unlike what they believe Hufflepuff is made up of all the qualities of the other houses, just on even standing. Their house colors are Yellow and Black, and their mascot is the badger.
I got Gryffindor so I get Xiumin, Lu, Baek, and Kai! Yes! Xiumin is my bias in EXO! @CamrynCherry
@MsLoyalHeart I know it's a lot, but I hope it helped
Oh thank you!!! @EmilyPeacock
Don't hate me but I've never read Harry Potter so I need an explanation. I took the quiz and I got Ravenclaw.
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