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Happy Waifu Wednesday Y'all!

Today's theme, as brought to us by @hikaymm, is Battle Waifus!
Time to make cards all about your favorite battle-ready ladies of anime.
Here's a salute to one of my favories, Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!

Yoko is the first other human that Kamina and Simon meet after breaching through the surface using Lagann. Initially she dismisses them, but when Simon showcases his skill with the mecha, she quickly realizes that these guys are the real deal.

Yoko carries around a variety of weapons, but the most notable one is her sniper rifle, modeled after a Barrett M82. Yoko is an incredible marksman, capable of hitting critical points on gunmen even in the midst of heated battle.

Though she places high value in being strong and capable, Yoko eventually finds herself opening up and lowering her guard around Simon and Kamina, developing a strong trust and partnership with the two.

Yoko Littner is a definite badass.

She was my second choice for who I was going to do today!!! heheh
@tylor619cruz good I'm glad it is a spectacular anime
You were right, it ended up truly being an amazing anime 馃憤馃徑馃槚 I didn't like it at first but I came to love it in the end@NikolasSatterwh
@tylor619cruz lol right! 馃槄 I really wanted them to be together and the stupidest thing happens involving yoko that you'll see if you keep watching it's in one of the last episodes
Ok I guess I'll finish not even a little YokoxSimon action?@NikolasSatterwh
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