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Mindfulness, meditation.
It's hard to really understand what those words mean, or how to practice it without learning more about it. Instead of scouring the internet for things, how about you get an app to start practicing it?
I've personally tried all these apps and can really dive into why each are pretty solid. Not only are they worth your attention, they'll probably help with getting back your attention. ;)

The Mindfulness App

This is for people that like to go straight to the professionals. Lead by some of the experts in meditation: Catherine Polan Orzech, Jack Kornfield and Jon Kabat-Zinn. It's perfect of people who want an practice by the rules.


A perfect app for beginners and newbies to the practice. The 7 Day of Meditation helps you really learn the basics for keeping a calm mind.
The app has a bit more nature sounds than I like, but if you are into that while you are trying to clear your mind-- this app is awesome for you.


My personal favorite, because of it's awesome structure and consistency. It takes out all the words that we associate with meditation - "chi, nirvana, etc." and it makes it more real. Need to work on confidence? Meditation health reasons? Programs are designed for you specific needs.

Anyone else have experience with mindfulness/meditation apps?

Thanks, @nicolejb! Would love to try out one of these apps soon. ☺😊
You're welcome @1FallenAngel :)
Wow! This is so cool! I'll check it out! Thank you @nicolejb!
Good Evening my dear friend I from India raipur Sushil rohilla and y o u r ?
Must try MHK meditation app