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(one of my favorite sexy scenes from Lee Dong Wook, unfortunately though he didn't make my list today... but I do like him) I was watching Running Man with guest Jung Il Woo and I thought... "I need to share my actor biases with the Vingler Family"

Rules : pick between 3 and 10 of your favorite actors and pick you favorite scene. Action, Kissing, Comedy, Sexy, Dramatic etc.... Each Block should include at least one of your favorite pictures, the clip of the scene, and the most recent drama or movie they're in.

Please nothing explicit... (but you can pm me if you know of classy love scenes) *winkeu winkeu*

So here are my top 5 Actors and my favorite ×Kiss× Scenes they've done.

5. Song Joong Ki

Favorite Kiss from Penny Pinchers Movie.

I have a feeling his current Drama, Descendants of the Sun, will provide more favorites.

4. Jang Hyuk Favorite Kiss from "Fated to Love You"

His latest drama was Shine or Go Crazy.

3. Jung Il Woo Favorite Kiss from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

Latest drama is High End Crush

2. Gong Yoo Favorite Kiss from Finding Mr. Destiny Movie

Latest project is Movie Busan Bound

1. Ji Chang Wook all kisses in Healer were amazing. He's my Ultimate Actor Bias.

Currently he's in a Chinese / Korean crossover Drama called Mr. Right.

Tagging all my peeps