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What's going on in the Marvel community?

It's been a pretty hopping week here, let's see what you might have missed!

It's been a wild week!

Here's some of the cool stuff that's happened:
+The reviews are in for Batman v. Superman, and even though that's a DC title I'm sure you're all interested! Check out these reviews by @redapple615 HERE @SparkRIDE HERE and @OctoberHymns HERE
+NEW FOOTAGE FROM CIVIL WAR okay it's like 13 seconds but it's---> HERE
+Our friend @amobigbang is sharing some cool Thor fanfiction ---> HERE
+I'll be returning as the community moderator for Q2! I'll be updating our community guidelines soon but in the meantime we'll be using THESE guidelines. Check them out if you haven't already!

Your to-do list!

You thought it was all fun and games? [Ok, it totally is].
+Wish our friend @Kirooken a happy birthday ---> HERE
+There's a new 30-day challenge hosted by @TheSuperior right HERE that you can join!
+Have fun and stay weird, as always ^_^


1. Tell us why you joined the community!
Were you dragged in after you saw how much fun we were having? Are you a die-hard fan or a newbie looking for more info? What convinced you to join and what's the reason you've stayed?
2. What kind of music do you listen to?
Whether it's your workout playlist or your OTP angst soundtrack, we all listen to music! What's your favorite?

New? Say hello!

We don't bite (unless you ask us to) so please introduce yourself here! We want to talk to you (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

And to the rest of you: Keep it weird.
IT'S TIME FOR THE COMMUNITY CHECK-IN!!!!!! @BelleOfRay @arnelli @cardboardart @JimTurpen @Boggleman @Krystalstar22 @culversyanne @Marichel @JustinMims21 @YoSoySoysauce @AleciaReedy @LadyLuna @ComicGeek94 @CalebOrr @Beannachtoraibh @Eclare @RyanOgg @Namrow @MichaelOgg @MelissaGarza @DarrenRouton @dominika @MyAffairWith @jibarito @MarvelTrashCan @CandaceJordan @Otakukpopgirl @Ashcrimson @octoberHymns @jazziejazz @gatorchick96 @GossamoKewen95 @ChildOfSparda13 @StevenFrick @tbanj96 @DardenJustin @KristianHampton @redapple615 @DLowLewis @sammsosa @Kirooken @kuzuri96 @buddyesd @MoisEsGaray @DavidPap @MichelleHolly @SparkRIDE @MarySEW @TehDL @Captpeter @kneelb4zod @Melodicballoon @amobigbang @SarahRegulski @TiffanyPerez @Raavaan @CreeTheOtaku @peahyr @MajahnNelson @MaeKeyMae @ColeKat13 @Silver925 @DaiGakuSei @EasternShell @Awesomeperson @SamTheMallow @Thatperson512 @nenegrint14 @Lushisushi @LenaBlackRose @sarahpjane @Danse @ultraninja10 @Luci546 @Raadhiyah @KennethKalgren @zwdodds @shelbiisonfire @HaleValkyrie @AllieGrabowski @loftonc16 @Ssj4Otakudude @JayZK @humairaa @noWaifuNoLaifu @hhead232 @jeffpeterrutan @ReidoTerumi @DevilsSon @ChrisStephens @merryjayne13 @Naika8888 @xxwriter389xx @SeintoSeiya @ThePervySage @AlishiaDavis @BT2581 @gabbycalzada @animechild51 @mcbubbles @DavidFPuhala @lalaMF @CloeySuess @TambryInskeep @littlemaryk @KellerBertrand @OtakuDemon10 @ButterflyBlu @TonyjJohnson771 @Matthewripster @ChosenKnight @MishiiYukiko @JohnathonWest @AcaciaNguyen @MalcolmAllen @Elvisimo @ShinigamiSan @AnimeDragon @StevenFick @fireislife @TwiztidSpider @DomingoRamos @DanielDuRant @EmmanuelJoy @JosephMcCain @Dwash6 @NickCarlisle @MaighdlinS @jevonlowery @ZoilaObregon @arnelli @PaulChavarria @BenGiddens @JessicaFerrier @ALEXCAMACHO @SarahVanDorn @DwaynGrant @rsstarscream @BlackDragon88 @xtaylorfyingxx @nobankai @ChienWeiHuang @jamesyoungs @DereckTorres @raikage00 @scarfskeleton @dzaog @Sara3 @UNITZ @jeremimzy17 @HenryStill @CrystalBlunt @KhariPorchea @ChristinaOMalle @waywardtravler7 @magistermind @RaquelArredondo @Xiuyeolhyun @HBSWinchester @EmilianoMacias @KyleBerke @Annaharris1989 @seouls @JoseLopez96 @inaryuubi @PoojaHansda @dominika @TiffanyWallace @DiamondGregory @AliciaScherrer @LuvlyMochi @Kessisthebest @00JEDAs @Superdose323 @alison2013 @KaisPrincess @lanejlzero @AlexTalley @ivyheart13 @NickCarlisle @Gabby991 @xiahou @LittleHorn @AyannaWelch @LisetteZapata @JaysDestroy @SebassHumph @QuronBrunner @stephenholms226 @zippybat7 @Sashamonroe16 @WillowSato @turb...
hello I'm cynthia im new!
@MichaelOgg I think I just found us another new best friend. @KellerBertrand you are one funny funny person.
Oops sorry. I mean... I didn't day anything, look everyone a flying orange!
*I just noticed cap and Tony making out at the bottom of the last picture 😲😖😱....somehow it's very fitting lol*
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