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EXO D.O. Fanfiction: Dream Come True

A little note:
This sounds really cheesy but I had a dream and this is basically my dream in words to you! After reading fanfics such as Running Towards You(@lexxciso ) Foreign Flower (@sailynn ) You're my Everything I Need (@AbbyRamney ) I came up with this story! I hope you enjoy it!


After getting your dream job at SM Entertainment, you find yourself getting close to the EXO memebers. Though you guys are close it doesnt compare to you and Ivy's friendship. D.O is the shyest out of all nine members. He rarely spoke to you but yet you feel as if you have had full on conversations. As if you hear a little voice. D.O seems to get more comfortable with you he first two weeks of your arrival. You grow closer and closer. Will this friendship last? Or will you get all lovey dovey ?

Chapter 1

I got home on Friday and plopped on the coach. Today was long but at least i have Biggie to comfort me. I liked the people i worked with but what i was doing was not my dream. Have you seen those women who help idols with their close and makeup? that is what i want to do. Not because the idols are extremely hot and freakin talented but because of my passion. Fashion is my passion (that rhyme though XD). I am much more of a tomboy but it was something about fashion. Though i liked makeup more than clothes if i could get a job around that i would be fine.
To clear my head i got dressed for a walk in the park. The park is so pretty in the fall. The leaves that are different colors, the smell of fresh rain, and the fashion.
I grabbed Biggie's leash and opened the door. I opened the door and was greeted by a cold draft. Oh hell nah. I shut the door and got dressed in a sweater shirt thingy mabober , black jeans, a scarf, and some comfy shoes. I threw my hair in a bun to keep it out of my face and I cannot forget my glasses. I aint getting lost today.
I put Biggie in this really nice minnie coat. It was a bit big but i cant find anything smaller for a 2 pounded chihuahua terrier mix.
As we were walking i recalled when i sent an application to some entertainment businesses and put an ad in the papers, which i will admit was dumb because who reads the papers anymore XD. Its started to get dark so might as well head back. On our way home i spotted a 711 and decided to buy some ramyeon.
As i walked in i accidentally bumped into two guys. Both wearing all black and wearing glasses& a hat. I bowed to apologize and saw that they had dropped some of their stuff. I also saw that their bag had ripped. UGGHH how embarrassing !!! I thought. i could feel Biggie tugging on the leash to get a good look at the two men. I had an extra bag with me and i started to put their stuff inside. Handing it to them i once again bowed and apologized. I didnt get a good look at their faces but from what i saw they were very handsome. The shorter one had a smile that was so nice! The taller one had ears that poked out and a nice smile as well. They bowed and said thank you. Before i could ask what their names were they disappeared into the street.
hmm... that was strange. Biggie didnt bark at them. Well that a change for once!
They looked so familiar... have i seen them before?
i shook the thought off and grabbed some ramyeon and beef as well. i payed and left.
I couldnt stop thinking about those two men whom i had bumped into. Who were they?
I slipped my earphones in as i grew closer to my house. When i reached the front door and started to cook. As i was chopping the ingredients i cut my finger.... more like fingers and some of the back of my hand. i was bleeding alot so i rushed over to the sink and rinsed it off. Yikes! It stung but i put some aloe on it and a bandaid. Once i finished cooking i sat down with chopsticks in one hand and the bowl in the other. Before i ate i turned on my laptop to sort through the emails left either by spam or by co workers asking for me to fill in for them. It was annoying at times but you gotta do what you gotta do :/ .
suddenly there was a knock on the door... Who is that?
I opened the door to reveal Ivy, my best friend since preschool. She rushed in and gave me a big hug. I havent seen her since i moved to Korea!!
"Why didnt you tell me you were coming?" I said as tears began to fill my eyes
" I wanted to suprise you!! Wait... what happened to your hand?" she stopped and looked at me in the eyes. Before i could speak she gave me a look that said
You clumsy son of a gun. i laughed it off and sat back down where i was before i was interrupted.
Unnie do u want some soup? i asked her. I looked and saw she was one step ahead of the game. Classic Ivy for you XD. She sat down and shifted the laptop to face her.
I was eating peacefully and i looked up to see her drop her chopsticks and have her eyes bulge out of her head (#1 gif) I asked her what was wrong. Nothing..
Unnie whats wrong ? Still no response. Unnie? Nothing.
I got really worried and ran to the other side. My eyes didnt believe what they say. My jaw dropped and so did her's (#2 gif)
SM Entertainment had hired me to be a fashion consultant for one of their groups!!!!
I read the letter out loud
Dear Ms.Torres
I am glad to tell you that you have been hired as the official fashion consultant for one of our groups. Your work will consist of working out what your assigned group will wear for airport visits and photoshoots. You will also make sure that makeup is up to date and good for use. We are happy to have you join our community. The company looks forward to working with you.
-SM Entertainment
I jumped up and down and was sooo excited. But they didnt mention what group i would be working for.
I looked at the subject of the email and almost fainted. it read:
Official EXO Fashion Consultant
I looked at Ivy and she looked at me.
I, Renesmay Torres was gonna be working with EXO!!!!!
Do you think its gonna be awkward being the only Latina there? Ivy asked me with concern in her voice
Ill be fine! i said trying to comfort her but a little hesitant.
Will i really be okay? What do i have to look forward to?
Thank you for reading!!! Part two will be up soon. I would love to know what you think!
P.S Biggie is a real dog, my dog to be exact XD
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Wow I love this! Could you please tag me? ๐Ÿ˜†
please tag me in the next one!!!! it's starting to get good!!!
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LOVED IT. WAS THAT CHANYEOL SHE RAN INTO...BECAUSE IF SO...AHHHHHHHHH ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ. You also did amazing!! I can't wait for the next chapter!!! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–
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