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For those of you who don't know and for those who do. Each day I make a card game on here called Who's that Pokemon. For those who do already know this, plz keep reading in regards of tagging in the cards.
For those who don't know how it works, Each and Every Morning I post a new Pokemon for you to guess. You have the chance from between sometime early in the morning (don't really have a time when I make them) till 8p.m. (or sooner depending if I am busy. (But on Fridays I give you a chance to pick which Pokemon will be the next Pokemon I do for next week in Who's that Pokemon contest)
(the pictures above are not of the same card but of two different cards just for an example) Once you answer the card, around 7:30p.m. I make the card tagging the people who participate in the game. Or you can ask me personally if you want to keep being involve or not. I don't rank you guys on who answered or best comment in the card. I go by the comments in order.

Now onto tagging people.

When I started making these. I tagged a lot of people and most of them didn't play. So I have reduce it to: •people who comment or •you personally want to be tagged (so far only 2 ask) There will be times that I will forget to tag some people because I make them pretty quick bc I do get busy. So I forget to tag you and you want to keep playing, here's what you can do
Go and follow my Who's that Pokemon Collection.

Thank you for the people who play along:

And you can come the fun too just let me know in the comments below if you want to be tagged in any of my Who's that Pokemon cards.

@AnimeNerdie no worries! thanks tho for remembering me ^_^
@ScarletMermaid sorry i haven't been adding you to the Who's that Pokemon, i'll be sure to add you onto the new ones :)
hoy hoy hoy I'm here every morning and I always play
keep me tag please
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