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The Rocket Leage Twitter just announced that the Basketball Mode for the game will be coming in April! That's so soon! It's like it's a couple of days from now!

That's because it is!

I doubt that it'll be coming out exactly on April 1st -- my least favorite day of the year -- but it's still pretty soon. And I bet all you guys who play this game should be pretty pumped for the new car-ball-sport game mode that's coming to the game.
I tried my hardest to save the .gif they posted on their Twitter but apparently once you post a .gif to Twitter, they change it to an MP4 file which is a video file and not a .gif at all. But you can sort of get the idea in the screenshot I took above.
Also, I was worried that dunking on people in this game mode wouldn't be a think that could happen but I guess I was wrong. If you want to see the movable .gif/mp4 file, you can click here.
How many of you guys are gonna start playing Rocket League Hoops once the update comes out?
now I can not understand cars and sports at the same time! I should call my dad so he can reach a new level of disappointment!