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Millions of kids across the globe look up to NBA players.
As a child, many dream of playing in NBA, or at least meeting their favorite player. This week, a kid took fate into his own hands, as he hopped on a basketball court to HUG his favorite player.
The exchange happened so fast that no one knew what to do.
Carmelo was clearly shocked, but handled the situation with grace. Rather than move the stranger away, he gave the kid a pat on the head and a hug until the ref ushered him off the floor.
This was a really cool and heartfelt moment, but there is a debbie downer downside to this. There is no explanation for a kid getting by security and running on the floor this easily. I hate to think like this, but what if the kid had issues? What if he hated Carmelo and was wielding a weapon?
Player safety should come first at all times, don't you think?
Hahah Melo was "shocked"? smh
Chill Melo. It was just a kid wanting to hug you.
And I'm glad the whole incident turned out okay hahahaha
Player safety is crucial.....but something inside me wants to believe that kids will never ever intentionally hurt anyone!
Honestly I'd be worried about the kid's safety too. What if they'd been playing and didn't notice? A player running could have totally bulldozed that kid!