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I know I am lol. It's Ellie here today and I have a great app to use when trying to learn conversational Korean.

One of the best apps I've used to try to learn Korean is Mango Languages

It incorporates full sentences, breaking them apart, giving you mini grammar lessons in between, and then helping you put it all together again!

Not only can you learn Korean, but there are many other languages as well!

Mango works through your library. All you need is a library card, a computer or tablet or cellphone, and the desire to learn!

Check out Mango languages and start learning more Korean! Fighting!

Social media updater, Ellie🐨
I work at a library and I haven't heard of this...well I'm downloading it now!
@primodiva93 One of the best things about it (in my opinion) is that it's free! *\😄/*
I've been looking for something like Rosetta stone for awhile (my trial is up) and this might be the closest to it. Thanks for sharing!
I've been using this for a while! I love it! When I showed it to my language partner, some of the phrases seemed like it confused him though. But he did help me correct my note cards.
Can't wait to learn
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