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Jesus, I wasn't ready. please, I know I had a heart attack, but give me another chance. I must witness Yoongi's mix tape. Guys, this is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill. Yoongi is finally releasing his first mix tape on April 10th. I am literally trying my hardest to not float up to heaven right now. I am chaining my soul to my body as you read. Wish me luck ARMY!
That was my original card at the top. As you can see I was a naive soul with no clue that this was all someone's sick practical joke. Honestly, this was not a cool thing to do no matter now much you like April Fools. To mess with an entire fandom and play with our hearts knowing full well that we've been waiting for Yoongi to release a mix tape for years is just HEARTLESS. I mean have a soul. ARMY and all fandom should be aware about where their information comes from and pranks from anti-fans because all fandoms have them.
All in all I feel like my soul really was ripped out my body and not for good reasons this time. I really don't like when I'm played around with to be honest and this has me feeling all types of emotions. I feel angry and devasted at the same time. Oh well, I guess. Hopefully one day Yoongi really will release a mix tape, but as an ARMY we will all have to wait patiently and be more careful.
Let me know what you thought of this "April Fools" prank. Sorry, to all the people who I got their hopes up for this. It was an honest mistake.
@SaraHanna me too, sorry that I got ur hopes up and hope u feel better
My soul just died.... T^T
I'm pretty upset and sad as heck I was really looking forward to it I was super excited 2 of my friends were hyped even my friend who isn't that much into bts was hyped about it and boom it's just a joke like okay cool thanks for ripping my heart out and stopping on it LIKE LET ME FIND THE ONE WHO TRICKED US ALL I will throw a table at them
@danyeljules41 oh well. : / im still not survivng april tho so
It's ok but I do hope he drops a mix tape soon. It would be pretty awesome. @danyeljules41
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