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We've all been there before.

We wake up and decide to throw on the new fashion forward piece we purchased over the weekend. While we dress for our own satisfaction, we had no clue that we would get so many compliments. It's a good feeling though. People who never even speak to you are acknowledging your trendy piece and you can't help but smile.
The feeling of acknowledgment feels good and you can't even fake the funk -- you have great taste and you know it. If you've ever purchased an item and couldn't wait to rock it than you'll relate to this video all too well. Keep scrolling to see what happens when you wear something new for the first time.

Accurate or not so accurate?

Do people notice when you wear something new?
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people notice when I wear new lipstick. does that count ? lol
ppl always notice every new things abt me 馃槒
well, take it as a compliment! :) @danidee
definitely counts!!! lol I can relate @stephosorio
ohhhh welllll excuseeeeee me miss! haha I hear that :) @humairaa