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Years ago, people went to baseball games to WATCH the games.
Now more than ever, sports ever people go to sports games to just float around with friends and business clients. The focus isn't on the game, but closing a business deal.
While in basketball or football this wouldn't be as big of a deal, this is a huge deal in baseball. Foul balls fly in the stands on a regular as high speeds.
The league has caught wind of this issue, and has decided to add netting near the ground level to protect players.
"Clubs are encouraged to implement or maintain netting ... that shields from line drive foul balls all field-level seats that are located between the near ends of both dugouts ... and within 70 feet of home plate."
The saying by fans right now is "take me out to the ballgame, but don't take me out on a stretcher."
This is something that is long overdue from the MLB, but the problem still stands: Are the people in the best seats truly there to enjoy the game?

Are Protective Nets At Baseballs Games A Good Thing?

I agree with @edwinthepenguin. And it's not just for people making business deals....the balls sometimes get to you so quickly you don't get a chance to move out of the way even if you're paying the utmost attention!
Yeah I don't like the fans that don't even pay attention to the games...but even the true fans are at danger without any nets!
totally agree with both of you.. Nothing like getting hit with a 90mph foul ball. Ouch!
we need to be safe and have netting even if the people in those seats aren't there to enjoy the game...
@duckthefodgers I'm actually surprised more fans haven't gotten struck and sued the league by now
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