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Whether your style of choice is a pineapple or a twist out, there are written rules and tricks that every natural hair woman should know like the back of her hand. While there happen to be hacks for pretty much any and everything in the world of beauty and fashion, there also happen to be hacks when it comes to natural hair.
As we all know, the struggle can be rather real every now and then -- especially when it comes to wash day and doing two strand twists, but it doesn't have to. Think you've tried it all and have all the answers? Well, I would like to assure you that you don't and neither do I, but this amazing video below has a few. If you're interested in becoming enlightened and learning a handful of new hacks, keep scrolling and check out the video below.

Do you have any cool hacks to add to the list?

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I just totally hate that word I'm sorry didn't mean to be unkind just haven't figured out how it even came about I apologize I'm just an old school old woman 😕
no, worries and no need to apologize. I understand. I just like my writing to be expressive and I love for people to enjoy my pieces. half of the time, I write for enjoyment and the pleasure of others. I hate the word as well, but I thought it would bring a bit of appeal and conversation to my article -- which it did, in turn. but no worries. I understand @TerriGragertWym