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This should be funny for all of us to do! Here are the rules.. You copy the photo that is above and you answer one question per day. Today is day # 1 and the question is simple but hard lol. You answer the question and tag myself @lavonyork so I can add your beautiful card to the community collection!

My answer to day 1 is Dean Winchester, I love that he is rough and he does have a soft spot. He is been through so much pain but he pushing on. Dean-o I heart thee!

See my answer was short and sweet. You can do your card the same way! If you miss a day that is okay, we just want to keep the community buzzing, especially that I been tweeting at Misha to get him over here and to let him know he totally has a fandom over here on Vingle that will be on the rise. Besides who would not want some Castiel blessing XD
@LAVONYORK I understand and I'll play ^-^
@Annaharris1989 @TiffanyWallace I summoned you both and plenty others to take place in the game. You can start tomorrow if you like. I hope the others jump in when they see the post. I have not been able to get everyone's name to tag them in the post. I wish there was an easier way to get a list.
What day do we start? @LAVONYORK
Who summons me? lol
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