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Rochelle Rose here to bring you a special message. Me and three friends have a group chat on KIK called Eternally Kpop our maknae asked me to create this card in hopes to bring in new members. If you would like to join text me on kik. My kik name is Sooyoung97 there will be a picture of Vernon from seventeen as the profile pic so you'll know it me. I've been in the group for three days so far and everyone there is amazing. It's like I find a new family I love talking to the members including our maknae. So if your interested text me and I'll introduce you to everyone in the group. This is Rochelle Rose have a wonderful day
but I don't have kik....unu
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@CreeTheOtaku what type of phone do you have
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or an android owo
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@CreeTheOtaku you can download the kik app.
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