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Entering for Big Bang Scavenger Hunt post on 3/28/2016.
@KDSnKJH - is my scavenger hunter partner! Please enter us for the prize drawing!!!
1. Pictures of each member in your favorite MADE tour outfits, and why.
For the whole group - I love this best when they all wear white flowy shirt for If You. The 1st pic is the closest pic with all the boys in! Also see the Tour Report video - those nailed me in! Individually.. it'll be a different pick..
GD - I am a sucker for bomber jacket, and a bigger sucker for guys in orange/red hair. Need to explain more? He is the complete package!
Youngbae - yup... bomber jacket is hot on him too (phewww i'm HOT!) - and the fact that this was one of the last few times he went "shirtless" before his new tattoo..
DS - yeah.. i know.. again the jacket. Let's just make this the BB uniform =) But other than liking DS in sexy black shirts (or shirtless), I really like him in these jackets because it always reminds me of his exotic chest pumps...
TOP - as @KDSnKJH said - suits, done. BUT, he looks absolutely adorable in this red jacket! So I'm going for this.
Seungri - I like simpler clothes on VI... since I love this white tee look on all BB members, I'll say this is my favorite look of him too.
2. Video of you favorite live performance from the MADE tour.
This Good Boy + Crooked is my fav Made live performance... Why? Do you really have to ask me why?!
My fav songs + GDYB + their swags + YB choco abs + how they adorable tweaked the tune of Good Boy..... I might hit the word limit soon so I'll let your imagination run... OH, the rope drawing on GD's sideburn definitely counts too!
3. Favorite MV from the MADE singles.
Great Minds Great Taste with my partner in crime @KDSnKJH! Tightly followed by "We Like to Party", I love this more because it shows the goofy, darker, crazier side on things that the boys wanna do!! Who won the peeing game?!
4. MADE fan art (5 examples)
Put in extras here! There are too many nice ones out there. My partner shared cute ones from 2PIIM, I'm going to share ones by others.
All credit goes back to the original owner; same applies to everything on this card!
5. Picture of a MADE tour concert ticket.
unfortunately none of these tickets were mine.. T_T
6. 1 picture, 1 video and 1 gif of the crowd at a MADE concert.
The Japan VIP crowd video and how they interact with BB - that's no joke..
7. Video or clip of your favorite V Naver App MADE episode and explain why you chose it.
This is the one - how GD "craddled" TOP (I want that doll and just put in their pictures in there ^^") but most importantly - I was watching this while GD teased us with IF YOU on his phone and got me all worked up!!!! A special moment that i had in there..
8. Video of any BIGBANG member(s) interacting with the crowd at a MADE concert.
Such a teaser GD... The second video actually is very moving how they sang together - wait, I can use that for #6 too! =p
9. Pictures of fans wearing MADE merchandise (3 examples)3 example of fan wearing merchandises!
I want those bags.....!
10. Video of your favorite MADE Tour Report and why you chose it.
This IF YOU tour report is my favourite.
As stated before - love it when they are all in white shirts singing this song - so pure, so sincere.. Love other performance too, but this just takes my breathe everytime..
11. Pictures from your favorite MADE related photoshoot.
Included a few gif too. These are just a few of them and while it seems all over the place - but I believe you get the gist. GD's new tattoo pic DEFINITELY belongs here. I love the tattoo and he got it during MADE tour!
12. Video, picture or gif of a MADE fan tribute.
Have you guys seen this before?This is soooooo good
Thank you Big Bang!
YB: good job baby...
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