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ok this gif made me laugh so hard XD This is how Exo members would react if their girlfriend (you) suddenly announced her pregnancy
Xiumin : Wait, really? *tries to hide his hapiness*
Sehun : It' baby? Woah..
Baekhyun : *starts freaking out*
Kyungsoo : We're going to have the cutest baby ever!
Chanyeol : Oh my goodness, I'm going to be a dad?! *fangirls*
Kai : Am I ready to be a dad? *starts stress eating*
Lay : How in the world did you get pregnant? *remembers* oh...yeah...
Suho : That's awesome, babe!
Chen : *does happy dance*
I feel like satansoo will be awakened and then D.O will be like "How nice. I now have a live sacrificial creature"
They are all so adorkable! I love them so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
I love it!!!! Kai is in shock lols, Minseok so cute, Suho's so dependable, Chan so loving.....then there's Baek hahahaha
I loved this! Also: is it just me or does Baek look like Sanha from ASTRO in this gif?
@twistedexo i know. i dont want kids but if i could have my biases child, deal
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