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Lots of you guys have waged a war. One that can only be won by MY waifu! Therefore I ask you to please prepare your bodies for her to destroy.
Alas my waifu is none other than the beautiful Lucy Heartfilia. Lucy is a Fairy Tail Mage that wields some awesome powers.
Lucy has 3 major weapons: The main being her celestial spirit keys. These keys open gate ways from the Celestial Spirit World. The strongest keys are the ones that follow zodiac signs, however there are some fun ones in her arsenal. (Of course I'm referring to everyone's favorite blu dog, Plue!! XD)
Lucy also has a non-magic weapon for her own self-defense. That's her Flueve d猫toiles. She also had a regular whip before the 脠toiles whip came to be.
This next weapon is a bit of a spoiler so unless youre caught up with the manga...please skip it!
Lucys latest weapon is her Star Dress. (Thats an arguable statement for most fans but I say its her weapon so..). These dresses are physical forms of her spirits magic. These attires give her a similar ability to the celestial spirit of her choice. Only zodiacs spirits can give her a Star Dress.
Although Lucy may cry a lot. She never backs down from a fight. Even when the she seems to have a slim chance of winning, my waifu never disgraces the Fairy Tail guild name. Which is why I admire her 馃槉.
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Yea I skipped the spoiler part too, great Waifu choice tho I love Lucy but I think Erza is the better choice 馃槤
I never bothered reading this all. I just know Lucy is ranked among the top 10 useless anime characters and you chose her to be your battle waifu
@nicocoup She is also ranked #6 in the top 50 Fairy Tail wizards and many fans can agree with me when I say that after the tartaros arc she becomes much stronger. So yeah I choose her as my battle waifu! #NoRegerts (lol)
@JohnMcCullough but didn't she lose Aquarius and that spell she got from Aquarius wore off as the tattoo disappeared after one use. one and done
@nicocoup If you're not fully caught up to how she grows then I don' tthink you should count her out yet :P I will agree that starting out she deff couldn't take on characters some have selected, but also...they're from different worlds with different capabilities!