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Favorite female hero!

If we're including the comics, my favorite female hero is Kamala Khan. She's definitely relatable while still being inspiring. She's funny, but the comics have a great balance of levity and seriousness- you never doubt that she's stopping real bad guys! I love her and I look up to her!
This challenge was introduced by @TheSuperior and you can see their card ---> HERE
I'll try to keep up with all 30 days and I encourage everyone in the community to do the same!
wait we get another month long challenge list? xD
Awesome 30 day game @thesuperior
@MichaelOgg yeah it looks like a lot of fun! I'm going to do as many as I can :D
@shannonl5 I will too,just sucks being sick
is there a female version of deadpool.馃槀馃槀