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For those people who make quick plans to hop on vacation but are short on cash, AirBNB has become a pivotal source for people to find a place to sleep at night.
The concept it simple, people rent out rooms to people who need a place to crash for the night. Yeah, you might meet a couple strange birds, but if you're just looking for a place to crash real quick, then you can't beat the set up.
While many people assume that AirBnb set ups are always holes in the wall, that's not true. You can find pretty nice pads all over the globe. Today AirBnb continued to shock provide unique sleeping arrangements for people around the globe, as they offered fans a free one night stay in a upscale shark tank based hotel.
The hotel is at Aquarium de Paris’.
The underwater room has a clear 360-degree wall to separate guests from the 35 sharks that will be circling the bedroom.
Freediver Fred Buyle will play host for the evening. As an icebreaker, Buyle will swim with the sharks while guests settle in. Afterwards, he and a few marine biologists will lead a one-of-a-kind tour through the aquarium.

Would you want to book a stay at a place like this?