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I've decided to share this news on vingle as well just for those that may of loved this funny but short series; "Fooly Cooly" *If you haven't watched this anime. please do* any how, MORE FOOLY COOOOOOOOOLYYYY is coming!! Two years from now there will FINALLY be a season 2 and 3!! :D get hyped yo♡
More info in the link (click website)^ Quote from the website "FLCL series creator Kazuya Tsurumaki will return for the new season, serving as supervisor with director Katsuyuki Motohiro (Psycho-Pass) and character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Neon Genesis Evangelion)..." I think it's all badass. but I'm a bit sad that nothing was mentioned about the band "the pillows" but still I suppose.
If ya haven't seen it here are some gifs and a preview of flcl. It's dramatic, hilarious and weird. just watch it lol (bushy eyebrow one is my fave) B)
What?! There's raelly gonna be more??
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@hikaymm yesss (:
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