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Another chest piece coming up of anime!! Cannot wait to get this done, ready for my One Piece premier tattoo to finally happen!! Getting Luffy's scar exactly like his "where it will fit below my Naruto V. Sasuke chest piece" (pic 3) and then the words RIP ASxCE below or inked within it as part of the scar. Either way it's gonna be fun and exciting. Then I'll follow it up with my Nami/Boa left ribcage pinup tat!! Back in the game for some anime ink NAKAMA!! Anime is life!! I'm sure I'll get that tattooed on me too!! One Piece is Love!!
@arnelli will do NAKAMA!! @hikaymm thanks!! Sternum and ribs are always the best spots for some pain but it's all worth for Ace neesan!! The scar I wear on my chest will always remind me that there are NAKAMA who believe in my dreams and will never allow me to give up and always live in my hearts with the bonds we've created!!
@arnelli thanks NAKAMA!! Def gonna keep more tats coming and I'll make sure to have a sweet setup and variety as well. I plan on my back being all pin up anime chics themed, besides the 1/4 that's already covered in kryptonite crystals growing around Superman emblem. First tat. Rest have basically all been anime!! Anime is life after all!! Always stand by that!! Hope to get booked soon so I can post the tat when I get it!!
shit look painful lol...I'll be cheering you on lol tag me too when you do it
Good luck with your tattoo!!!! It'll look so intense XD
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