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Who's That Pokemon!
So who is this Pokemon?


Thank you so much for playing, make sure you come back tomorrow to get a chance to play Who's That Pokemon! The ones who got it right: @AustinThurston @petname83 @KatieSaldivar @kathochan @FairytailLUV @primodiva93 @AkiraItuha The ones who got it right but were creative: Love your creative comments :) @Captpeter @StefaniTre @AnimeLove300 @TBird @EmmaBone @CreeTheOtaku @Gladness @spartahero @nicocoup @Animefreak484 The ones who made my day @ebethoven @JustinDiaz @BloodStrider @InVinsybll @HiwaRasul @TreverMoon you will be on the next card I promise :) @aanderson2789 I'm not trying to make this a challange, i'm trying to make this fun and easy for everyone.
@ChristianaOMalle you should do some more challenging Like Gen 5 or 6 because the original pokemans are tew essay
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@TBird i do plan on getting there 👍 so don't worry
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Oh your going to do all 700 aren't you @ChristinaOMalle
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@TBird yup
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@ChristinaOMalle Oh you don't have to tag me anymore I plan on deleting vingle thanks for the fun
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