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For those of you that have pets, you know that they are more than just animals — they are truly your best friend. Here is a story that will prove that.

Meet Andi and her best friend, Burley.

Kleenex posted this caption on Facebook along with the ad.
“We all have people in our lives for whom we’re eternally grateful. For one family, it wasn’t a person, but a service dog that helped their young child develop a greater sense of independence and the feeling of unconditional love. Share a story about someone (or some animal) you’re grateful to have in your life and use #ShareKleenexCare.”
Andi was born with Down Syndrome. Her mother decided it would be a good idea to get Andi a service dog when she realized that Andi's sister will soon be leaving to go to college and that Andi would need a close companion.
Watch the ad and feel your heart completely melt — you may even cry.

Thank you to Kleenex for that amazing advertisement!

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