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"Sword and Flower" poster
The poster looks absolutely gorgeous! I was pretty hooked to this drama because of its plot (typical but potentially interesting) but now I guess I really have to put it on my watch list. "Sword and Flower" is a Romeo-and-Juliet-like romance set in the Goryeo dynasty. It tells about the life of a princess and her forbidden love story. It is forbidden because of so many things - but the most important one: she fell in love with the son of the traitor who assassinated the King, her father. The drama stars Uhm Tae-woong and Kim Ok-bin as the main couple, along with the supporting cast consists of Lee Jung Shin, (the other) Lee Min Ho, and Goo Won. It also stars idol-actor Lee Jung Shin from CNBlue, who will appear as a warrior named Si Woo, the princess's bodyguard and secret admirer. Si Woo is an orphan, picked up by the leader of the Geum Hwa Dan, and later became a key member of the secret warrior team. 'Sword And Flower' follows Mandate of Heaven and premiers July 3.
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