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Favorite Female Hero? Here she is...
Rogue is such a badass. She can get any mutant power she wants just by touching them. I remember one of my guy friends asked me which one of the men I would be and I said Rogue. "But then you wouldn't be able to touch another human being." Here's my answer to that: I'd find a meant with power negation so technically, I'd be able to turn my power off long enough to have human contact. Boom! Drop the mic!
Her story itself is amazing. She was adopted by Mystique and raised to do terrible things, but eventually had a change of heart and joined the x-men slowly but surely gaining their trust and respect. Of all the versions we've seen over the years, I like Rogue from the original animated series just because she's much more closer her personality in the comics. She's stubborn yet sweet, you don't wanna mess with this Southern Belle.
wasn't nightcrawler also adopted by mystique?
I love her too :D
besides the new movies and such. I learned it from the animated series.
@redapple615 that's what I thought but it's been a long time sense I was around x men
@MichaelOgg he wasn't adopted. He actually is mystique's son.