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So I forgot all about this being a winter 2016 anime release and just started it tonight!! So far I like the story but not a fan of the over digital animated look unfortunately. Though that won't stop me from a good anime binge ever!! Haha no spoilers but if anyone is also watching this let me know what u think!! It's rated a 7.70 on MAL Basically it about- Where there is life, there is death... or is there? What would you do if you could never die? The possibilities are endless. Seventeen years ago, the existence of a special species called Ajin was discovered in Africa. They are said to be immortal beings, with several supernatural abilities, that look just like any other human being. Are these Ajin just random phenomena of nature or were they purposely sent to Earth to destroy it? Since their first discovery, several other Ajin appearances have been reported worldwide. For the majority of citizens though, these creatures are less reality and more of something you see every once in a while in a textbook or on the news. This is how it was for the young protagonist of the series, Kei. That was until a sudden turn of events changed his life forever... Ajin is a supernatural anime full of complex ideas about life and death, as well as the dark side of human nature. What does it mean to truly be human? Source- IMAL2 app Check it out with me NAKAMA and join the binge fun!! Anime is life!!
@LuffyNewman Yes!!!! I'm so ready for new shows to start already lol
@hikaymm haha yeah guess that's what it would have to be. Atleast I'll have something to still look forward too!! Always more to watch. Now to soon start spring 2016 anime's!!
@LuffyNewman A binge with a pause? lol XD
@hikaymm I'm halfway through and it's def like a sidewinding roller coaster!! Good watch so add it to your list NAKAMA!! Getting me excited for the weekend to see the last episode!! Ahh a binge but I still have to wait for the final episode, is that even a binge?? Haha
Enjoy & let me know what you think! I didn't awtch this yet!