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Who would you ship me with?! (Apologies)
I know I've been in a grave for MONTHS now, but I'm finally back. I'm feeling a lot better now (,:! To the few of you who took the time to comment on my last post, and send me a message THANK YOU! My mood has been slightly improving. Well enough to make me want to post :3. Hehe. So I've seen these posts a lot and I really wanted to do one! So I'm going to leave some facts about me, and then you guys can tell me who you would like to ship me with ^-^! BTW my real name is Desiree Marie Arellano :3
Chucklez Factoids >:3: ((1st pic me the 2nd me now 3rd my doggies<3))
1) Dancing is my life. I also choreograph my own routines, but only a select few people ever seen them lol.
2) I write songs, I can't produce per-say, but I love coming up with lyrics on my own.
3) I am half Japanese :3 and I am PROUD<3
4) I love science and math. My favorite 2 subjects.
5) I actually wanted a career in either music(singing/dancing) OR quantum physics. ((I know they're like polar opposites haha)) 6) I LOVE animals too :3 if I could I'd own them all >:)
7) I do enjoy anime and manga
8) I have like a bajillion stuffed animals xD
9)I can't really stand romantic movies they irritate me
10) I LOVE playing first person shooters (PC MASTER RACE BTW) Resident evil is my favorite movie and game lol
11) I love EXO, Got7, BTS, Seventeen, MonstaX, Kim Hyun Joong, CL, 4Mintute, and Day6.
12) I am the most sociable of my group xD
13) People say I'm too nice for my own good sometimes :3
14) I like to be the life of the party I can't stand being a wall flower >.<
15) I'm all for same sex and interracial couples getting married and having cute babies:3
16) I am not the girliest of girls, I prefer tennis shoes to heels.
17) I do like to play/ watch sports(football is my fav)
18) I can speak only English but am currently learning Korean and Japanese
19) I'm only 157cm (5'2)
20) I try to keep my room clean, but with work i tend to forget to do a lot :/
21) I give everyone a chance and don't judge :3
22) born October 18, 1994 (So I'm 21 and a Libra >:3)
23) I tend to let people walk all over me
24) I am ironically very shy for someone as outspoken as I am
25) I overthink a lot
26) I smile almost all the time cx my friends say that and my laugh are contagious
27) I don't like bullying and I will step in if I see it no matter if I know you or like you
28) I am a strong believer in EQUALITY and to me that's I'm not a woman I'm a human if I hit you you hit back vice versa.
Sorry if it was kinda long. I don't usually talk that much about myself, I feel very self conscious now/.\. Don't judge me ;-;</3
Tell me who you ship me with and explain why por favor :3<3 saranghae guys<3 and again mianhae for being away for so long </3 Oh and if you make a card please tag me in it :) love you haha<3
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tbh rn I'm like shipping you with either V or Suga
2 years ago·Reply
@megancurrent9 awee (((((x <33 @mrsjeon omg you literally chose my bias [suga] and my wrecker [V] haha I'm so happy I'm screaming xD
2 years ago·Reply
XD aye jinjja!? welp I'm glad I picked the right 2
2 years ago·Reply
See, right now I'm shipping you with Hyuk from VIXX. But on a side-step, ya look cute with Ken
2 years ago·Reply
@CristalTrujillo I'm screaming ! they're so cute >.<3
2 years ago·Reply