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its time for another heartthrob!!! In honor of his birthday LETS ALL CHEER FOR THE BIRTHDAY BOY...... EREN JAEGER OR EREN YEAGER FROM ATTACK ON TITAN!!!!! XD
We love you Eren!!!
He is has expressive green eyes , and often furrowed brows, and average height and build. After his training and time as a solider becomes muscular and physically fit but isn't seen through his baggy clothing. He is first seen with his town clothes of brown trousers and a green shirt with tassels around the neck.
In titan form, he looks very different. With a incredible increase in height, his hair grows to his shoulders and his tongue and ears get longer. His face changes as well with a prominent hooked nose ,sunken in eyes, and an unusual jagged mouth which is incapable of speech other than roars. (as seen in picture 3)
Please feel free to request a guy for next time and let me know if you want to be tagged in my posts..... SEE YA SOON!! :)