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Despite my lying and mistrust with (Y/N) i have to make her recognize me again, even if it means having to take baby steps. I want to tell her that I'm the guy who left and she didn't hear from anymore, that I am the guy who she thinks forgot about when really non of that is true. But I have to take re-precautions , or else, she will never speak to me again. We go to a store, the one i used to go to with her and my parents back in 6th grade. The store used to be and it still is a boring place, leading her and i to fall asleep while walking. Even though i always hated going in here i have no choice. This is one of our most iconic places to be at, but seriously, it's very boring. "Why did you bring me here? it looks so plain and, well, tired-like." "It IS a tired place but i used to come here a lot when i was younger in 6th grade. I hated this place so much i fell asleep and woke up at the book isle..... i don't even know how i got there." "Hmmm, this place does remind me of old times.... but it must be because i always go to boring stores." "Why don't we look around? maybe we can find something you like." "Something I like? where the hell am I going to-- OH MY GOD!!" "What? what is it? are you hurt?!" "No! look!" She points her finger at a human-sized teddy bear, her smiling and doing the puppy eyes. They were the same type of teddy bears my mom bought her for her 12th birthday. I wonder if she still has it? but that was a long time ago so i don't think she kept it. "Namjoonie it's so big and cute!! i want one, it looks just like the one i have in my room." So she did kept it. Wait, was that the teddy bear i flinched about this morning? it looked so creepy. "Only because you want it and I'm a nice person." "Meanie...". She pouts and walks away with the teddy bear on her arm, making her shift to the other side and grunt while struggling. Goddamn it she's so cute! (Lol) ~~~~~ "I have something to show you Namjoon. It's my grandma's cafe. After she died it was passed down to me." "Your grandma died?" "Yeah, when i turned 19 she died of breast cancer. It was a sad year for all of us but we managed to cope with it." Suddenly i felt the need to hug her tightly. "Yah! Namjoonie... why are you hugging me?" "It's just..... i feel bad that you went through that.". She looks up at me with wide eyes and no expression. "Why do you remind me so much of him? he used to give me hugs when i felt sad or angry... you do the same thing." "Because....( I can't) i care about you and i don't want to see you upset." She giggles. "You're so charming.... but you suck at being cute." "(Y/N), I've been cute. Just that I'm a little rusty." "Hm, sure, rusty.... you can't even pout for me." "Yes I can, look!" As i try my best at pouting, she kissed my bottom lip and i close my eyes smiling into the kiss holding her neck "Now that was a pout!."