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Donald Trump has done it again. He has made my blood boil. He has made my skin crawl. He has made me terrified to be a woman. Mister Trump, a male who in no way can EVER be pregnant, now believes that women who get abortions should be punished.
But here is what abortion means to me. Abortion is my right to choose between living and dying, because having a child would kill the person I am right now. Children take your life and make it there's. It's what happens when you have a baby, you should devote your life to them. Having a child when I am not ready is murdering the life I have, and the future that no longer exists. Abortion to me is the right to claim my sexuality. To have a sex life that is above the norms of animals, who have sex for reproductive reasons alone. We are expected to be superior to animals in every other way, so why can't my sex life as a female be superior as well.
Abortion to me, is the right to be in control of my own body. To claim ownership over the miracle only my gender can produce. To decide exactly when I am ready to embrace motherhood, to be fully prepared to devote my heart, soul, and life to a child. Because they deserve that. And personally I am sick and fucking tired of people telling me what the hell I can do with my own vagina. So fuck you Donald Trump, you're the one that should be punished.
@atmi @hannah769 the thing about abortions is that no one actually uses them as their plan A. No one ever WANTS to get one. Contraceptions fail and having an abortion can be taking on a HUGE responsibility. There is a huge difference between pro life and pro birth. If you support someone bringing a child into this world that will struggle to be fed, cloth, and properly taken care of you are not pro LIFE that is pro birth.
I'm personally against abortion but I don't think it's right for someone to tell you (a woman) can or can't have one. It's their choice, their reasons and I would respect it as should everyone else. That's how I feel anyway.
Trump is a lying, irresponsible, racist misogynist....Honestly I despair.
@loftonc16 Yes, whether you're pro or against abortion, it should be every women's choice to make for herself. But getting punished for making that choice as trump suggested? It makes my blood boil, in this day and age I can't believe some people still want to punish women for making choice for their own body! I thought that kind of thinking is behind us, but apparently Mr trump likes to bring the dark ages back.
@atmi We live in a society where we do not force people to use their bodies to support the life of another-- not with organs, not with blood, not with bone marrow, not with a single cell of their body. It is entirely the choice of the donor whether to offer such. We do not force ANYONE to sacrifice any part of themselves to save others...not because we do not hold life precious (WE DO!), but because we recognize that bodily autonomy is a human right. We do not force anyone else to sustain another life, sacrificing a part or all of themselves in the process, in any other case. Why should we make an exception and violate a woman's right to bodily integrity for the sake of other people's opinions?
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