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@KaitlynDixon had a really awesome suggestion for my Tuesday Date Ideas and...I'm a stumped!

We were talking about good dates for parents that can include the kids and since I don't have any kids of my own its a little hard for me to come up with suggestions :'(
Here are a few, but this is coming from a non-parent so apologies if these aen't actual possible or fun!

1. Tandem Bikes

In San Diego, you see these everywhere! Its great cause even if the kids get tired, you can push the bike yourself! Plus you're sitting in the shade :D
Around where I used to live, its pretty cheap since you can rent by the hour.

2. Hiking

Getting the family outdoors (especially now that the weather is getting better) is such a good way to boost spirits and bong as a family.
Pick somewhere with trails near your house and let your kids pick out the trail mix or fruit you'll bring along! A lot of parks have flyers for kids so they can try to identify the wild life while you and your partner can chat!

3. Team work dinner & movie!

Come up with a main course + dessert and divide into teams (parents vs kids is always a good idea!)
The parents can make the main course (spaghetti & meatballs, veggie pizza, salmon and wild rice!) while the kids are in charge of making the ice cream sundaes later :)
Cuddle up on the couch with your ice cream and enjoy a movie together!

Does anyone else have dates that are fun for both the parents and the kids?!

Well I'm not a parent yet since I'm a teenager. But I think I know how parenting kinda feels like. Cause I've been babysitting two blooded nephews and two step nephew's and step niece. Almost every weekend or once a week I take them out at the park and play with them. I forcedly make them play all types of sports cause I want them been physically active. I sometimes even make them family dance, music, and instruments. I even make them get to camp out side the house with a firebomb. -Hope this helps
those are pretty good ideas. we usually go to the mall or peter piper pizza. lots of video games and of course pizza lol museum or movies work pretty good
I'm not a parent, I just came here for Tobias Funke.
The beach!
@TessStevens As good a reason as any
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