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Exodus (Exo FanFic Chapter 16)

Chapter 16~ Flight


~16 years later~ I was in the backyard watching my other adopted siblings play and chase each other. "Kris Kris Kris!!! look what I found." my little brother said while showing me a slug. "Cool but go put it back." I said with a straight face and a monotone. He shoved it in my face more. "Look it's so slimy" he giggles. I pushed his hand away. "I got it, now go put it back." I said as he frowned and went to show the others. The girls screamed and ran away as there younger brother chased them. "Kris save us!" I softly chuckled. "you know playing is not my style" I said as I picked up the girls and jogged off with them giggling and our younger brother running to catch up. I looked over my shoulder to make sure that I was being chased by our younger brother but when I turned back to the front and saw a small hole in the ground. I jumped in the air to go over it but ended up levitating in the air. "Whoa!!!" our little brother said as he looked up at me. The girls were now screaming and squirming around in my grip. "Girls stop moving!" I shouted at them. They stopped and I tried to not panic about not being flat feet on the ground. I saw the backyard door open and our parents came out. "Kris get down now!" My Mom yelled. "I would if I could" I said. "Kris! now is not the time" My Dad said with a warning tone of his. "At least try to get down." he told me. I looked down at him like he was crazy but closed my eyes and felt myself being pulled down until my feet were touching to ground. My sisters jumped out of arms and into my parents arms crying their eyes out. "Kris kitchen table now." My Dad said. "Yes sir." I said and made my way to the dinning room. When I stepped in the dinning room. I pulled out my usual seat I sit in and waited for my parents. They walked in and sat down in front of me. We all stayed quite until my Dad spoke up. "Kris you knew ever since that you were adopted but we never told you how we adopted you." "Yi Fan..." My Mom started with my first name. She never says it unless it's serious. "Kris, the day you came into our lives was hope and joy for us. You were abandoned on our front porch. We had no clue who left you there or why? All they left was a letter and the necklace that you are wearing now. When you were younger, we realized that you had a power. We didn't say anything because it came and go. But I'm sure that now it's fully developed for you to use." My Mom told me. I stayed silent with an unexpression look on my face. My Dad laid down an envelope and slide it across the table. "We were going to wait but I think this is a matter fact point of your life that we can't keep from you. But promise us that you will wait a few years, Kris." My Dad said. I was confused but I nod and took the letter. I dissed missed myself from the table and went to my room. I shut the door behind me and jumped on my bed. I stared at the ceiling for five minutes before taking the letter and opening it. Dear Yi Fan, As you are reading this letter, it has came to the time where your parents have told you about your adoption and your power. You my son, the third prince of Exo planet will help your older brothers and younger siblings to save our home planet. Our home is million away from planet earth and is being taken over by Xerus planet. Save our planet, wear your necklace because it will keep you safe and train your power. I love you my Yi Fan and your Siblings. Your brother Xiumin is in Berlin and your brother Luhan is in Beijing. Be safe. Love your Mom, the Queen I closed the letter and set it down on the nightstand. I had million of questions and needed more answers but for now it can wait until I meet my older brothers. I turned on my side and looked at the sky. "I'll be there mom, you can count on me" I said and fell asleep.
@twistedexo true. I would love for that to happen but the chances are to high for that to happen.
@JarviaKlipka it's just so sad I will never get over it if they all have a reunion that would make me happy but deep down in my heart I know that will never happen
@twistedexo I know me too
wow I really wish that kris tao and luhan didn't leave exo
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