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Fam Vingle seems to be acting like a little piece of shit and it doesn't work on my laptop meaning that part 5 of Wait For Me (which I was currently typing at this exact time) is not gonna be uploaded along with the rest of the fanfictions and I am so furious at this because I was writing part 5 this morning and finally I can type it and upload it but now it won't work and is failing on all my Internet things. HELL EVEN ON GOOGLE CHROME!!!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'm going to seriously cry if this keeps going cuz I want Vingle back
@UnnieCakesAli Ikr it's aggravating too since I have to make a new card for the people who followed my story on here and I moved it to Wattpad I would go to the second card I made and update them on the chapters I had added here as well. Now I have a new story on wattpad but looks like I have to make a card for that one since they deleted my other stuff. It's so crazy cause it shows my information like it's still on here but when I click the collection it gives me an error, and none of my collections that I named are in my list so I've been having to create the list again as I've gone along. I'm so mad about that they messed up my demographics thanks to this hot tail mess. I'm glad you haven't had to go through this. My daughter's information on here got erased too. They killed us both.
@CallMeMsDragon I managed I fix it a long time ago but goddamn that's even worse than what I went through. I feel bad for you fam
@UnnieCakesAli VIngle deleted every collection I had and the cards I made. I have to start over again with everything. Frustrated with it too since I had the stories saved that I needed to go back to read for everyone that I follow. Now I can't even remember them all or the ones I have already read until I start reading the first few lines then I can determine oh yeah I read this chapter already. I don't know what kind of system issues they have had but they jacked up so many people's accounts, resulting in headaches, heartaches, and anger over this entire mess. I hope you can get your story uploaded and don't suffer any losses as a result of this.
That's so annoying :(
you're not the only one i feel you on a deep empathetic level but i lost all of my stuff in the process....i hope you disnt lose yours.
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